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Made famous by Facebook, the term open relationship is used by shallow people in denial about their own whoreditude who need a sense of emotional security while avoiding mutual exclusivity. Why? Well, because otherwise wouldn't be very New Age, now would it? You might think that since the word "relationship" is contained therein that some kind of commitment is implied. You are wrong. The first and foremost response to criticism about the typical wannabe-unique lifestyles of those in open relationships. is to BAWWW excessively.

meanwhile, in your girlfriend's house

Defining the Open Relationship

This is Jean-Paul Sartre. He and his wife Simone de Beauvoir lived in an open relationship. He benefited the most from this agreement, as he could bang a female student that didn't mind that he didn't change his underwear too often.

The main thing that separates an open relationship from polyamory is essentially that fucking other people without your partner's consent isn't against the rules. An open relationship is often used by a man or woman when the man wants sex and can't get anything better or when the women doesn't want to be alone. This is often the case amongst 16-year-old girls and any person of the male gender often, but not limited to anything else mentioned in the Sex category on ED. Open relationships become common in college among kinky sluts and kids who like to think they're rebellious. The cause of this tend to relate to not only low self-esteem, but also excessive fapping, lack of balls and mental illnesses. These relationships always end badly and leave the formerly abused children to slit their wrists while listening to Mindless Self Indulgence and masturbating to the latest leaked BME video.

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