Operation Blue Crayon

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...and not how you idiots expected.

File:Blue crayon.png
Operation: Blue Crayon

Crayons Of Blue

File:Operation Blue Crayon new poster.png
The Poster; because everyone knows this is the only way to get Anonymous to do anything these days.

Gentlemen, it is time that the era of self absorbed egotistical cybermania comes to an end. For far too long we have tolerated the sickening sight of a generation gorging on it's own grotesque glorfication of manufactured nothingness. Soon it ends. On Saturday, the first of May, the blue crayon scribbles out Facebook



The plan was first thought of on the 24th of April, 2010, with a suggestion as to the probability of a DDoS attack on Facebook. Anonymous took kindly to the idea and decided to humour this impossible task. An IRC was made, and Jewtube videos were created, but the plan changed form, and became a way for Anonymous to flex their muscles and show that they are no longer the joke of the internets.

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