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In late July anon noticed a news story. An ugly fat bitch, AKA Mary Alice Altorfer, saw a Pools Closed banner on her subdivision pool and cried "racism" to the press. Anon saw this as yet another opportunity to star on faux news and create much bawwwwing resulting in epic lulz. On July 18th, /b/tards went out early in the morning and closed many pools nationwide to commemorate the lulz that had happened with Mary Alice Altorfer hoping to recreate a similar scenario but nationwide. Anon has yet to decide on another date to raid the pools, but until then...happy closing!

TL;DR: Close every single fucking pool that you live by nao!

Operation Close The Pool

1. Print out one of the above pictures.
2. Buy superglue and duct tape.
3. Head to all the pools near you at around 3am in the morning.
4. Superglue and tape sign to entrance/message board.
5. Watch butthurt commence.

PROTIP: Wear gloves when handling the paper and baggie just to be safe. If you're going to post pics, don't upload them straight from your camera.

No Pool? No Problem!

Pedobear has also joined the crusade. Post the below image at parks / schools / movie theatres / restaurants and all other child / family orientated places.

Phase Two


After a day or two, when they take down the original sign, post the above picture in the SAME SPOT where you put the first one. This is guaranteed to create lulz.

Alternative Method

As performed by #battletoads. EPIC WIN!


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