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Not to be confused with Operation YouTube or Operation Yewtree.

I am not making this shit up.
The lead singer of My Chemical Romance reveals he is actually a Daily Mail fan.

In May of 2008 (see Last Thursday), British emos got so butthurt with a newspaper saying My Chemical Romance was shit that they actually managed to look outside of themselves for just long enough to form a lulzy protest march against the evil media headquarters.

No, seriously. Look, we're not making this shit up:

I HATE MCR! They fucking seriously suck. I hope all their fans an hero at the protest.


Tom Serson

So, their way of proving they're NOT a cult is to repeatedly chant insults at something that has a different opinion than them, under orders from one guy?

Yeah, not at all like a cult.



—-Well spoken, JewTube TruthCat


Socially retarded and ugly as sin, Hannah Bond became an hero because of how shit MCR are.

The situation began At least 100 years ago when veteran old media trolls The Daily Mail published a series of articles entitled The Sinister Cult of Emo. This trolling dates back to 2006, when journalists decided to warn the paper's readership of middle-aged, white, right-wingers about the alarming possibility of their kids growing up to be faggots, in articles such as this.

However, no one gave a shit until 2008 when the Daily Mail blamed the suicide of a 13 year old girl named James Hannah Bond on her infatuation with My Chemical Romance in articles here, here, here, and here. It was at this point that butthurt Emokids decided to UNLEASH THE FUCKING FURY, and organized an IRL Habbo raid on the Daily Mail office.

The march is taking place over a full day on Saturday, May 31st 2008, from 10am till 10pm (because fat emos walk really slowly, presumably). No I'm not trolling, this shit is serious, look, there's a website about it and everything.

On the 22nd May 2008, /i/nsurgents at Ebaums were sitting around stroking their manly cock-hair and wondering what lulz can come from the emo protest, when it struck upon an idea: Simply prove the fears of all the middle aged right wing fucks correct by insinuating that yes, Emo kids really are just a suicide cult; and that the protests will culminate in the mass suicide of all the protesters.

Operation JewTube

The OP a repost

Of course, we all know the sauce of the recent influx of moral faggotry to Anonymous: JewTube. These kids saw the videos and thought they'd be part of the gang without understanding a fucking thing, and now we're bogged down with the fuckers.

But... all this does is point out how powerful Jewtube is as a spamming medium. Jewtube is almost single-handedly responsible for completely subverting Chanology from being lots of fun; to bordering on bullshit moralfaggotry.

Now... we can use Jewtube to completely subvert someone else's movement! Mainly; the My Chemical Romance fans marching against The Daily Mail.



— The grammar at Britchan is truly inspirational

How You Can Help

Step 1: JewTube

PROTIP: How to stop people spying on your trolling.
For pacifists, these guys sure are angry.
Internet Terrorists hijacked protest!
"I stayed up for over 36 HOURS trying to think of ways to stop it in case it was real" And not for one minute did it occur to you that the idea of kids committing suicide at an anti-suicide rally was obviously satire?

Any idiot can make a JewTube video. If you're using Windows, chances are your PC came with a free copy of Windows Movie Maker.

Brace yourself, stick some MCR music on a video, post a quick sideshow of emo photos, and publicize the march with utter sincerity.

But.... point out that at the end of the march is going to be a mass-suicide.

ATTENTION FGTS: To make sure this page isn't found by the lulzcows when you put your video here -> Statistics & Data... Hide links on the page with the YouTube itself, next to Comments. Remember; INCOG-EMO

One can't help but wonder; is Emochin watching her people getting butt raped?


More examples


Portentous Digg comments can help sway the undecided.

Fast, free, effective: drop your YouTube into Digg, and start shoveling.




Step 3: Troll the shit out of these fail sites

Ignore the user galleries and stay on target, Anonymous, STAY ON TARGET... goddamit... fap fap fap

Amazingly, the emos have their own fail version of /i/, without the lulz, of course.

Needless to say, they would appreciate your contribution, Anonymous.

Kerrang and The Independent have articles mentioning the protest with comment sections.

Perhaps some mothers should get over there to voice their concern?

Perhaps some kids heard that everyone else is doing it, so maybe they'll bring the necessary equipment just in case?


Step 4: Man the Harpoonz

At 21:30, donning the usual IRL Raid gear, go and place boxes of cheap razor blades around the protest site. Boxes need to be clearly labeled something lulzy.

PROTIP: When purchasing razors buy small amounts at multiple stores to avoid any potential legal lashback from epic win/fail should they actually should decide to become an heroes. Also, when handling them, latex gloves are your friend. Don't worry about the box, enough people have handled it to make lifting latent finger prints near impossible.

PROTIP: Buying small amounts at multiple stores mean that you're going to be captured on CCTV at multiple stores, it means you're going to be recognized in multiple stores, it means they're going to have multiple witnesses. Don't be a retard about it and collaborate.

  • STEP 1: Meet other anon prior to IRL raid
  • STEP 2: Have each anon buy small amounts of razor blades, only enough not to arouse suspicion
  • STEP 3: Dump them all into a box labeled FREE RAZOR BLADES
  • STEP 4: ????

NEW Dropsite: "The protest has changed location and will now be held by Marble Arch. There is a concrete area there, where we will go. Marble Arch is in Oxford Street, London and is right next to Hyde Park."

Step 5: ????


Step 6: PROFIT!!! Butthurt emos are lolcows of epic levels

The Lollercaust reaction has been incredibly fucking quick, and incredibly fucking lulzy.


Unfortunatly it isn't a joke and even if it was meant as a joke we have to take it seriously because it's peoples lives we're talking about here, plus it's bullshit if people are trying to say 'oh their not a deathcult' then going and killing themselves.


—a typical emo, reasoning. They do half the job for you, Anonymous.


It's a peaceful protect to show My Chem isn't a 'suicide cult'! This is the worst thing i've ever seen, it's actually making me cry how awful this is.



This is part of a conspiracy by a group of hackers called insurgnents on their website on wiki. it's called operation jew_tube. they're a bunch of protesters themsevles stemming from chanology an anti scientology church group. who has now crossed over into getting rid of all EMOS because kids die. they're attacking mcr after hearing about hannah bond's suicide. They were misinformed, believing bad journalism from the Daily Mail, and have decided to infiltrate MCR's fans protest against the daily mail. These guys are hypocrites. Hannah Bond's depression leading to her suicide was all written on her journals in Bebo, which her parents removed. She had a history of being bullied at school which ultimately led her to snap and end her own life. This group needs to focus on real issues. They're becoming as much of a cult as the group they're going after.


—holy shit, this guy is ON TO US!!!


ppl plz im begging dont kill urselves that is horrible i am christion and i still listen and sing to mcr and like everyone said gerard said emo is b.s. i believe that dont kill ur selfs u retards jews had it way worse but hitler is dead and those daily mail ppl will die too so ignore them!!!! or protest u retards no offense to anyone]]


—popcornmonkey360, a well respected christion authority, invoking Godwin's Law

"The Jews Want Emos Dead" I seriously don't know where the trolling ends and where the fucktards begin

And now a few words from the organizers of the event

Mcr protest leader.png

tl;dr, a half-dozen fake JewTubes almost derailed this protest event already? WTF?




What are the differences between the ludicrous assertions made by the organisers of this event and their Daily Mail detractors? Both groups apparently believe that kids attending an explicitly ANTI-SUICIDE rally are going to commit suicide because of a handful of poorly-made, obviously satirical YouTubes. It's the kids I'm starting to feel sorry for...


—A scholar of English and media studies (2:2 Oxbridge Polytechnical) displaying their education.

It's the kids I'm starting to feel. for. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.



Gallery of Truth About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


MCRmy Fail.jpg
Look out Daily Mail! The "MCRmy" is coming to get you! minor warning solution in generally a bat ...most effective if u throw razors in the opposite direction. Lolffail.jpg
What absolute fail! 25 people consisting of children and parents. MCR must be soooo proud!

Even more fail. Barely broke over 9,000.


Theres two things that could have happened here.

1. Emos are too busy bawwwing to organize properly.

2. Since Anonymous put up a shit load of the fake videos and trolled the living shit out of the emo's websites, that there was mass confusion and the emos just went an hero else where.

Some real challenging and informative reporting, as we gave come to expect from The Guardian. link Lulzy interviews of MCR lolis

Fair & Balanced Protest Footage

Anonymous had some fun enturbulating a bunch of pubeless morons at the protest and caught it all on camera. In between the hugging and the conga lines, a whale has a shitfit, and a girl sets a newspaper on fire. All fine examples on "win" and how Anonymous Deliverers.

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