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Use your modern autofocus cameras to record the great uprising.
Cat pretends to support Operation Madeupname in return for food.
Atomic.gif Warning!
Meta humor ahead

Operation Madeupname is a global all encompassing superwin global revolution created, marketed and implemented by the many legions of the all powerful Anonymous to end world poverty and replace it with Rule 34 that I just made up using my own brain.

The campaign so far

Famous Anonymous victories

The aims of Anonymous

  • Free internets for everyone except non-Anonymous
  • More Cheetos
  • Making fun of people who worry about pedophiles
  • World peace
  • Shits and giggles (copyright; your local kindergarden)
  • Sticking captions on cats
  • Being more cool than South Park

Special campaign movie showing what Operation Madeupname will probably look like

Thanks to Sir Ridley Scott for the autofocus tips and Sir Bob Geldof for the music.

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Gallery of "Know Your Enemy"

Enemies of the Lulz Friends of the Lulz
Old meedya - fuck the message, tard!
China. No need to stage an Anon event there.
Easy target Bad life-style Furry
Good cult Falun Gong as it is for freedom from Communism and against weeaboos.
Equally effective one man killing machine used by Anon
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