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Operation Pipe Dreams was an investigation conducted in 2003 led by Mary Beth Buchanan, and a prime example of how competent and efficient the U.S. government is. The operation was aimed at businesses that sold paraphernalia (mostly for marijuana.) Thankfully, most of the states realized how retarded the concept was, leaving Iowa and Pennsylvania to waste all their resources on the op.

How it Worked

The plan for the operation was to raid as many businesses and homes of people suspected of selling paraphernalia as possible. Another method that was used was to lure unsuspecting dealers into selling their products to federal agents disguised as head shop owners. This process was blatant entrapment, but since the operation was done under the Dubya administration, the Constitution was completely irrelevant to legal matters.


After wasting over $12 million and the time and efforts of over 2,000 law enforcement officers, the party van managed to pick up a total of 55 paraphernalia dealers, which is basically the same as taking a drop of piss out of the ocean. A clear indication that the government is doing it wrong.

Tommy Chong

54 of the individuals indicted were sentenced to fines and house arrest, while one person, the 65-year-old Tommy Chong, was sentenced to 9 months in federal prison, a fine of $20,000, forfeiture of $103,000, and one year of probation. Ironically, Chong was sentenced on the second anniversary of 9/11, reminding everybody that while there were 190 acts of international terrorism in 2003 (82 of which were aimed at the United States,) the government was much more interested in bringing these dangerous criminals to justice (because we all know what a menace to society Tommy Chong is, amirite?) During his trial, Chong was politely coerced into pleading guilty in exchange for not having his wife and son prosecuted.

Chong's movies trivialize law enforcement efforts to combat drug trafficking and use.


—Federal Prosecution

Still no Bin Laden... But we got Tommy Chong!.



Chong and his family talk about the arrest


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