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The 4chan wallpaper, a handy road map for beating a dead horse OTI.
Example of OC that quickly failed after attempted promotion.

The most elusive thing on the internets and a precious resource. As rare as white dog turds, and as valuable as gold to the Jews, watermelonz to the black personz, and CP to 7chan. Ironically original content is not welcome on most of the net, most OC gets thrown out because it is not a meme or it called a forced meme.

Original content, or as it is referred to as "OC", is what the cutting-edge dramatician uses to generate lulz. The purest and most intoxicating lulz can only be acquired through the generation of original content. All lulz generated through documented and established methods are cut with such impurities as old meme, unfunny, and AIDS. Most attempts to generate lulz through original content fail, because most people OTI are fucktarded or aspies.

Everything was, at one time, original content, even our old friend Goatse. Since the invention of the tubes the internet has been a filthy recycling ground for everything IRL. Popular culture enters the greedy mouth of the INTERNET HATE MACHINE and is mangled within the putrid bowels of legion. Out the other end comes a stream of garbled junk that becomes a repost of a repost of a repost, leading to hordes of gaiafags/newfags swimming in the collective shit of Anonymous, thinking they're bathing in the ambrosia of the gods while the rest of the internet moves on to bigger and better things. Attempts at actively promoting the creation of original content rarely work.

Original content, when used in conjunction with satire by someone with half a brain, is the anti-GRIDS. It is, therefore, what ED needs moar of. Ironically, most original content is thrown out becuase it is not an old regurgitated meme from a chan board, and winds up slipping off the end of the earth while everyone focuses on the same unfunny copypasta.

Original Content is also a term tossed around by old fags to refer to their old copy pasted memes. Like nothing will ever be as funny as typing scroll up or emailing someone a video of a dancing baby over your AOL connection.

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