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Self Explanatory
Don't be this guy.
OP is a fag!, a widely known fact


OP (also know as faggot) is an abbreviation for Original Poster, AKA the asshole who got there first. Used most commonly on #chan boards and forums, the quality of a thread usually balances upon the OP's ability to generate drama and/or interest in whatever bullshit he's yelling into cybarspace, although occasionally Anonymous just grabs something by the scrotum and runs with it. A thread that snowballs into win can often give an OP unwarranted self-importance, leading to faggotry and/or lulz if they attempt to take credit for the hard work of legion.

If a thread is fail, most people will blame the OP by posting tautological statements and FAIL macros. While this does nothing to improve thread quality, it does make everyone feel good about themselves and, hopefully, makes the OP feel bad for posting stupid shit. Interesting note - 99.9% of the threads on #chan boards are fail.

Original Posters are always men, no matter how convincing the b00bs nor the accuracy of the date written around their nipples.

How to Deal With a Lame OP

Pics to help you deal with a lame OP

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