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skiddie thinks he haxored iHaxx

Otaku Studios is a site where pedophiles and rapists alike get extremely butthurt after being raped for not having enough PTHC.


On the day Otaku turned Habbo server, it was changed forever when it was invaded by Habbofags asking about private servers. After being banned for no reason, the resident hacker on Otaku attempted to hack into iHaxx.net, and failed. He later bum licked Aaronina for moderator

Why Otaku sucks

The jealous toys at shitaku just love to overuse memes introduced to them by smart people. They also plaster child pornograpgy allover their Nazi fan sites.

Who Otaku bums

|TwiiCe- - Loves Everything and is to random to be.
|Elaine - loves blackpool but loves James.
| Asha - Hypermatix and loads of other users to make them "tags" otherwise known as "signatures"
| Mickkeh - For his GFX. 
| 0ni - For him to stay on Otaku Studios so he can redirect sites back to Otaku Studios. Also likes to steal credit for other peoples work.
|Cakerpros - Likes to get as many posts as many threads so hes the leader but Can Only achive things by arguing shit out


Otaku has sections devoted to hacking, runescape, world of borecraft etc .

I r 0ni Meme

Meme of Mr. 0ni holding a airsoft gun and a nice epic copypasta.

I r 0ni Copypasta

Hello I r 0ni and I hate every single one of you peons. All you do is sit around all day on a gay fucking imageboard looking at gay porn. I mean, its funny how you make fun of people with your own insecurities. Hit me with your best shot; I am the leader of a blackhat hacking team called Otaku-Studios. I'll try to root your kernel.

Pic related; Its me and my gun. Try to dox me you faggots, you probably cant.

Otaku-Studios hacking

On December 11th, 2010 Otaku-Studios was hacked by a hacker group called nullr0ute, they released a Aaron's dox and a lot of user information including 0ni's password he used to login. The server was rooted but 0ni regained access via a sudo account.

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