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Paul Jonas grasps at a feather, which is the book-wide symbol for underage pussy.

Otherland is a postcyberpunk novel written by Tad Williams. Even though it's about the internet, it has nothing to do with teh internets, except for two characters who are the most perfect examples of /b/tard trolls to be found anywhere in literature.

Mr. Finney and Mr. Mudd, known as "the Twins" and various other sockpuppet handles, spend most of the book harrassing the protagonist online in Otherland's 3D version of the internets.

Every online world they enter is decimated in their wake, or as the book states, "everything they touch turns to shit." They cause fear and anxiety in people simply by their close proximity. Everything they say is either falsely sincere, a threat, or a joke at their target's expense. They are, like all /b/tards, pedophiles and sick fucks as well, and take great joy in causing other people's suffering. As one character puts it, "they are always, always bastards."

Like all trolls, they have two weaknesses. One, they have a great fear of authority, and suffer extreme troll's remorse when they get in trouble. Two, they are extremely gross and ugly. All trolls, as everyone knows, are either frighteningly obese, stupid basement-dwellers, or starvation-skinny, uncoordinated nerds. And of course, they're a little bit gay, too.

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