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Otto and his mother. Note the neckbeard.
Otto Baxter, in traditional Londonistani dress.
Otto Baxter: Outdoing Chris-chan every step of the way! (And he doesn't sleep with his mother)
Otto, doing America.
Otto's Bebo profile. Great taste in music, sir!

Otto Baxter is a 21-year-old Britfag with Down Syndrome who has made his life's goal to lose his virginity and go on a fuck quest. He has been in the media before, but now he has traveled to America to further his attempt at not dying a virgin and as of late, /b/ decided that his cause needed to be fulfilled. His mother, Lucy, who also has three other adopted sons with Down's, is supporting him on his quest.

He first appeared in the old media across a great many news sites like the BBC, Daily Fail, and Natalie Cassidy's Real Britain, among others. From this, we learn that he has dated other girls with the same condition as him (something CWC would not be willing to do), but they needed too much attention from their carers and so he was dating down; we know he could do better.

As it is, Otto Baxter is a keen dramatician, being an actor in Shakespearean plays. He certainly gets out a lot.

Even this downs guy, with all of his weirdness, is still more talented, productive, likable and normal than Chris-chan will ever be. This retard probably does more in the space of an hour than CWC even thinks of doing in a month. A Shakespearean actor? Come on, Chris can't even make a YouTube video that is semi-watchable. And this guy can play in Macbeth. Fuck, I would donate the 60 eurofag dollars to get downs boy laid before I would even give CWC the time of day. Kudos to his mom for not letting him be a slag retard who feeds off the system and kudos to him for being a retard of win.


—--Fuckingstupid 22:26, 17 March 2009 (UTC)

Otto breaks America

Otto went with his mate from England, who has a girlfriend, to Las Vegas in America. Seeking secks and lulz, Otto was only too pleased to report on what he encountered in a strip club:

"They pin me on the wall," he says. "They kiss me right on the neck. I unbutton my shirt. It feels very nice. I had a girl. She was on my willy. She jumped on my willy. It's wicked. It feels nice. I have a huge boner. Straight up. It feels lovely. Yep. I want to do it again. She also put her boobs in my face. One of the strippers grabbed my glasses and put them on her nipple. 'Are you naughty?' 'Oh, yes, I'm very naughty.' 'Come on, big boy! Let's take it down to your trousers! Unfasten your belt and let me pull it down and suck on it!'"


"I like their boobs," he continues. "Yeah. Lovely nipples. Perfect breasts. They're like chicken breasts."


This invigorating story led /b/ to help Otto's cause, setting up a website in his name, which can be found below.

His Mom Does What?!

His mother is serious when it comes to her pride and joy trying to get laid. She takes it so seriously, in fact, that she is thinking about hiring a whore for him. She has also stated that he would rather be with someone who, unlike himself, doesn't have Down's Syndrome. Maybe he's not so different from CWC after all.

Otto and the whores his mom hired (dog included)

"Will anyone sleep with my Down's syndrome son?"



"What, are you fucking kidding me? I watched this downsfag smoking pole in an alley off East California in Oklahoma City. He wants the mancock."



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