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Our fancy: Little Boys

Typical B8 on Ourfancy
Nekow is a fucking furry
An OF member talking about Ghandi

OurFancy is easily one of the shittiest sites clogging up the internet tubes, though it's slightly moar interesting than most because its admins are quite open about their pedophile tendencies. They actually came to ED and wrote an article about how great Ourfancy is, which lasted about three minutes in its original format.

The community is composed primarily of gay 13 year old boys who gather to collectively fap to porn and exchange pictures of each other's weiners. They have sections for useful downloads, cool links, and realistic excuse notes for fat fucks who don't want to go to gym class.

OurFancy is an "anything forum", which in non-geek means a standard black and gold PHP Bulletin Board for posting endless streams of brightly-colored spastic crap that attract sugar-overloaded fat kids with the attention spans of mosquitoes.

Kiddie Fiddlers Trying To Find New Victims

Pedobear 13.png

Like any website populated primarily by children, OurFancy has a number of child enthusiasts members. Since most of the users secretly yearn to have their fat, sweating buttocks pried apart and their virginal sphincters reamed by older, more experienced men, pedophile members have been accepted into the community.

OurFancy is living proof that you can talk about anything and have a stable and fun forum to post in! There are a number of pedos on the boards and this makes some members uncomfortable. There have been a few instances of people joining for a short period of time and leaving quickly because of the sexual hijinks present.


—Site dumbfuck "MiniMan".

Pedophiles grooming and fucking little kids equates to "sexual hijinks" on this site. OF site admins keep editing this article to remove any negative "spin" about pedophilia in the name of tolerating known cradle-stalkers, which creates serious cause for concern. In fact, OF is essentially a grooming site where child-fuckers stalk the young and naive. For this reason alone it should be trolled. Hard.

Tales From The Pedoverse

According to this thread (DELETED LOL), OurFancy's server admin Nekow underwent treatment for his loli obsession. Interestingly, that thread was on one of the forums on a previous version of OurFancy, but disappeared after the new version was created. Why does their site keep moving so constantly? What are they hiding? What is the alluded to "loli incident" that happened to them that prevents them from using certain service providers?

Site admin Miniman admits to loli and being V& at school...

Maybe the following will shed some light on the subject:

Nekow loev loli

"A lot of shit has been going of with Nekow. He moved, he is seeing a therapist and he told his mom about his love for loli. And this ass of a therapist has him on heavy anti-psychotic drugs."

He's not on drugs because his therapist has recognized he is a dangerous fantasist who may pose a threat to young girls, he's on anti-psychotics because his therapist is an "ass".

"He has some serious problems. I think it's best if he can leave his obsession and self-loathing involving underage girls behind and move on to lead a productive life."

Probably shouldn't have started this article on ED then.

Nekow replied with:

A lot of this is kind of personal to post on a public board full of strangers I don't know in the slightest, but, what the heck? How often do you get to expose yourself in public without getting in trouble?


—Nekow, who doesn't understand why we all have to be so mean to childfuckers

Apparently not very often.

The guilt is gone along with the depression and stuff, mood is more stable. The bad news? Well, use your imagination about what could happen with the guilt gone, heh. Really, that I am on meds at all is none of anyone here's business, but what the heck? It terrifies people more if you tell them you like lolis AND are psycho! First impressions are important.


—Nekow, forgetting that he's on meds for a damn reason

This thread sees our brave protagonist embroiled in the Pedos vs. Second Life battle. When Linden Labs was threatened with legal action over aspects of SL that allow users to simulate sexual activity between adults and children, Linden decided it was best to ban child avatars.

Nekow (moar like lolcow, amirite?) had this to say:

Why is there so much call for child avatars to be banned altogether? I really do not understand this line of reasoning. Saying 'There is NO reason to depict yourself as a child in Second Life. NONE.' is an interesting attitude... By that logic, there is NO reason to depict yourself as part-animal too! (which I also do sometimes, by the way)...


—Nekow, insisting that all pervs receive equal representation

So he's a pedo AND a fucking furry.

Ourfancy user 2D has also been vocal in his defense of CP. This thread has him taking the usual pedo stance that any form of censorship, even censoring child porn, is infringing on his civil liberties and (buzzword alert) "FREEDOM":

Censoring child pornography isn't going to protect children, and will only serve as a stepping stone for censoring other more important things. The internet is not a requirement to having sex with a child, and the people that are using the internet to look at it wouldn't be looking for it if they didn't already have the desire to do so.


—2D, standing up for his civil right to fuck little kids


There be beasties here...

OF was created by a Jew named Hentick and his three gay horse-fuckers of the Apocalypse -- Nekow, Zmobie, and 2-D -- in a fit of butthurt over having their previous forum hacked by Ebaumsworld.

Initially it was a private forum, but at some point they got out of their hugboxes and opened it up to the public, inflicting misery on thousands more retards too stupid to find anything better to do with their already wasted young lives.

OF users have pretensions of rivaling /b/. These days even /b/ only has pretensions of being /b/, so these clowns have no chance.

They will surely fail, for they do not love Mudkips, so fuck 'em!

The Our Fancy Rap

This is an example of the sort of thing that OF members find "funny." May God have mercy on us all.

Atomic.gif Warning!
Epic Fail detected
Yo Nekow,

He's a pretty tight dude

some people may find him kind of prude

but what they don't know is that he will elude

And he wants to touch little girls in the

uh-oh, here comes the FBI

nekows safe he hides with lies

if they found his folders oh my oh my

I don't care what they say

cuz he's still a great guy

2-D, now there's a mother ****

if you find him you're out of luck

you ask for a favor and he'll want a suck-suck

he likes jailbait and he's in to date-rape

but don't be late to accept your fate

he gets pissed when he has to wait

cuz than he'll have to get out his roll of ductape

Hey Miniman!

He has a big foot fetish

I have a weird feeling that he likes to **** lettuce

when he sees a hot chick he gets sorta wettish

and he wont shut the **** up about 9/11

Miniman is a pretty short guy

who gives a **** he's still pretty fly

i get creeped out when he ever walks by

but at least he ain't a faggot that's shy

Zmobie Man!

Yeah he's pretty ****in' chill

he likes to smoke pot cuz he's so ill

he's got a bandana and he's ready to kill

he doesn't like shrimp and he don't like krill

Yo here's a fun fact, he's a jew!

that's somethin' thats kinda sort of new

he's got a big dick and really cool shoes

he likes the bong and alcohol too!

Oh Piggypup!

Now there's a sick little man

he don't like sex he just ain't a big fan

he's connected to the internnet via lan

he's the guy who really likes to ****in' spam

He draws some weird shit just to **** with you're head

your inner child will be quickly dead

that's right yall heard what I mother****ing said

after this you'll be taking ****ing a truckload of meds


His name if ****ing opium scum

he's a quiet guy he don't really like to run

wherever he goes he always is shunned

make sure you don't give this mother****er a gun

He's a satanist man he wirships the guy

he's probably hoping that I will die

for making up all these stupid ****ing rhymes

but you know what that shit is just alright


Now this guys a ****ing nazi



Now this guy real ****in' tight

this guy's more epic than the sunni's and shiites

he doesn't like grass and he really hates kites

some say he's the funniest guy alive

He loves the web but has a social life

anyone who disagrees answers to his knife

he'll never end up with a ****ing wife

He's the next grim roeper he just needs a scythe
Site admin and frequent vandal of this article, 2D, admits he's a sick fuck

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Note- User:MiniMan came to ED from OF just to write this article. He loves the OF site so much he didn't even bother putting in a fucking link to it, because he was too keen to get the article finished and get back to his CP.

The fail at OF is highly contagious and level 6 eHazmat precautions should be taken when trolling the living shit out of the site, to ensure all fail is contained. ED contained the original pile of self-congratulatory internet fuckwit crap that was MiniMan's original article, to protect our sainted readership from fail contamination.

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