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A apparent logo created by a guy not from this country.
They had to shop a DC comic to make their logo

Outskirts Battle Dome is a wiki created by the broke weeaboos, guess they ran out of their parents' money, over at Naruto Forums where they sperg about who they think will win in a dickwaving content in all forms of fiction. Besides leeching off their retarded forum users via Paypal and abusing Adsense in order to actually pay for the wiki, they have actually had their shit closed down 3 times due to their failure to understand US copyright law.


Unlike most wikis and forums, where they will provide you with regular BJs in a futile attempt to encourage you to sign up, they have managed to develop their elitism up to the point where you have to apply to them to even be allowed into their sperg club.

Here's what you need to do if you want any hope of getting in. Everyone who doesn't follow this procedure will be rejected automatically.

PM the OBD Wiki administration. This means you send a PM to God Movement or Nevermind. In said PM, add one of the following: A screenshot or a link to post or PM from an OBD'er in good standing (if you don't know who this is, you're probably never getting in) where said person vouches for you. This is the easiest way to get in. A link to something that proves you're OBD Wiki material. This includes things like respect threads in other forums and the like. These will be looked over and entrance will be given at our leisure. You will need an account that frequently posts in the OBD regardless since OBD Wiki is not open to non-OBD'ers. .....3. PM Endless Mike. He doesn't administrate the wiki anymore but he loves people randomly PMing him. Especially if they also talk about toaster jokes. The older the better.


Direct quote on given guidelines

Battle Profiles

Only shit you cant be serious? and you cant even read it properly!

Holy shit the fuckin wank from these retarded losers isn't no joke! they even utterly admitted they are a DBZTARDS Omniverse which they favor DBZ more than other fictional series and once you call them out (Nevermind,ChaosTheory123, and Willyverb) they will deny it and call the butthurt squad on you! Many times the apparent original creators started OBD the first profiles were DRAGON BALL Z and even SAILOR MOON! LIKE WTF! They casually downplay comics...stating Superman is FAR lower than Goku and they think the Hulk is a green turd they right dislikes toward characters they don't like but yet dick ride those they do like that's some sad fuckin lives.

Butthurt Much?

A user known as BeyonderGod created a bunch of fake OBD wikias falsely claiming he owned OBD which he admitted he ACTUALLY DIDN'T and OBD got butthurt (pussy snitches snitched on him apparently because he didn't put a character named Kami Tenchi as omnipotent) and complaint but yet BeyonderGod true plan was to rid OBD off of major SEOS and lmao he won he got them so butthurt the Known User:Skarband or some shit got butthurt and spammed his account with deeeeeeep emotional comments and BeyonderGod was casually making this kid cry about a retarded ass website and hell BeyonderGod literally has his own wikia for battle profile's known as Fictional Battle Omniverse lel he gets nothing but butthurt users because of it and he doesn't care.

Logo Copyright?

The OBD literally once claimed they made the logo the one wit the swords yet they based off the home logo off the Justice League own building lmao so shitty! and lazy! i vote DC should sue but nah let the wannabes think they own it and think they have "Art Skills"

Users Of Butthurt Dome

HOLY SHIT! OBD HOME OF DBZTARDS and HSTARDS! You will laugh at the battles and the rules for these guys they cant even debate worth a shit they once stated Superman < Goku using nothing but low balling scans while everyone (Including Naruto forums very own staff) was dick riding the fuck out of Goku and bashing on superman making unwanted/unneeded comments about A FICTIONAL CHARACTER! HOW OLD ARE THESE FUCKTARDS? go on the forum and bash the OBD and watch every dick rider bash on you telling you that your opinion is shit.


For autists, consistency isn't their strong point

They contradict themselves with the profiles they have and they ADMIT it and they POST IT PUBLICLY! so everyone can show how retarded they are how fuckin retarded!? they admitted they wont put Kami tenchi as omnipotent yet he is still on the omnipotent list? while The Presence from DC isnt? LMAO biased and retarded! nothing they say is true the shit they post is utter retardation that even autistic kids would be laughing at them all its sad to put False ass shit.....but putting even more FALSE shit is ridiculous!

VsBattles/Anime Characters Fight Wikia

Holy shit they just straight dissed them with facts!

THIS DOESN'T EVEN DESERVE A ACTUAL PAGE! if you known of this place and you think its 1000% original? its not its a rip-off Outskirts Battle Dome and even the Russian Anime Characters Fight Wikia which is credited by many as being anime wankish fetishes and they aren't intelligent either stealing from Wikipedia to justify their profiled with "Dimensional Levels" such retardation is very and absolutely high..... Now VsBattles is known for downplaying comics and seriously over dick riding Anime and video games based profiles they also HAD abusive staff and somewhat still due because once you beat a Admin in a Debate THEY WILL BAN YOU! OUT OF SHEER BUTTHURT! and if you are a ACF Wikia member then you must be as retarded as they are no one! on that wikia is smart NOT EVEN ONE! hell read the picture! they make claims that are easy to debunk! dont believe or trust them either highly recommended!

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