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Brought to you by the imagination of members from the PC "Master" Race.

PC graphics (left) and Console graphics (right) compared side-by-side.

PC Master Race or, PCMR, is a phrase that was coined by internet-famous video game critic, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, during one of his shitty reviews of some game no one cares about, in which he made an ironic statement which can be summarised as PC gamers being fucking retarded, and since PC gamers are, fucking retarded; thought that they were being complimented, and so hijacked the phrase to describe themselves - despite the fact that it only serves to make them appear even more fucktarded. Somehow.

And ever since, the term has made its way across the Interwebs; bringing faggotry with it, where ever it happens to go, eventually leading to the creation of various forum threads on multiple sites no one gives a shit about, a cancerous subreddit, which you should avoid at all costs, a Wikipedia article (yes, seriously), and ultimately, an entire fucking website.


It's obvious that if you aren't a gamer, the PC platform shares much more benefits such as contributing to Encyclopedia Dramatica or doing the thesis that your asshole teacher forces you to do in order to get a job, and you can even modify it with 7 proxies when diving into the deep web. However, that's different if you are talking to gamers. "PC Master Race", was coined by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw of Zero Punctuation fame, who was making an ironic comment on how PC faggots always see themselves as superior and above all other gamers, during his witty and well-thought-out review of 'The Witcher' which was at least 100 years ago, in 2008. But since members of the PC Master Race aren't mentally developed enough to understand, let alone even comprehend the concept of irony, they thought that he was actually praising the PC; when the reality of the matter is actually quite different.

Skip to 00:58 to witness the creation of the phrase
So that those dirty, Console playing peasants don't ruin it for the glorious PC Gaming Master Race


—Ben Croshaw, whose joke went straight over the heads of PC fags

It has been widely speculated by users on the internet that Mr. Croshaw made this ironic statement about PC Gayming due to the fact that he knows - like many other intelligent people out there - that the PC is a dying breed when it comes to video games and is just holding back the gaming industry as a whole, because he isn't a fucking retard and capable of forming his own opinion, unlike users of...

The subreddit, /r/PCMasterRace

Here we see a /r/PCMasterRace poster in his natural habitat.

The "master race" loves to bitch, and that can't be anymore obvious than on the /r/PCMasterRace subreddit. It's been referred to on many occasions by deviant homosexuals, as a subreddit for single basement dwellers with overpriced battlestations and more money than common sense to congregate together in a large circle and discuss the many advantages and benefits of PC Gaming in a calm, reasonable, and civilised manner. The subreddit also works as a branch for Steam as all the mods are dickless shills employed by Gabe Newell, and will waste no time in banning anyone who doesn't praise the almighty Lord Gaben - and if you do criticize Steam, like any normal, functioning member of society would, it is seen by the retarded masses of /r/PCMasterRace as heresy, and worse than being a console owner.

The official subreddit for this faggotry is now at over a quarter of a million members, as more and more master-tards from all over the world are finally discovering a place where they be free from judgement from the rest of the internet for discussing their harmless hobby with one another - apart from here at Encyclopedia Dramatica, of course. Those who post on the shitty subreddit are more interested in showing off their massive collection of downloaded games and bragging about "muh pc exclusives", than actually playing them; because who would actually want to play games on PC? Exactly. No one.

The /r/PCMR userbase

"LOL, potato"

When you inevitably come to your senses and finally join the PC Gaming Master Race, it is recommended that you get well acquainted with the PCMR userbase which is listed directly below:

The typical /r/PCMR post

Since every post on /r/PCMasterRace is essentially describing how great PC Gaming is, and anyone who says otherwise is a fucking loser fag - despite reality suggesting the opposite - most, if not all content on /r/PCMasterRace can be succinctly summarised in the image below:

Use scrollbar to see the full text

Common misconceptions held by /r/PCMR

This is what /r/PCMasterRace fags actually think.
  • That they've had sex.
  • That the human eye requires at least 60 frames per second to see the nuanced animations of Dwarf Fortress.
  • That 'Papers, Please' looks better at 4K.
  • That a multi-purpose machine like a PC can compete against a single-purpose machine like the PS4 or Xbox One, when it comes to gaming.
  • That PC games are worth playing.
  • That PCs have any exclusives.
  • That pirating N64 ROMs is legal.
  • That Half-life 3 will ever come out.
  • That PC ports are well done.
  • That all PC versions of console games have controller support.
  • That encrypting their child pornography is enough to prevent the feds from finding it.
  • That the Steam controller is usable.
  • That PCs are inherently backwards compatible. Good luck trying to get Ultima 4 to work on Windows 8, you bastards.
  • That WASD is superior to an analog stick
  • That overclocking your computer is perfectly safe.

How to get popular on /r/PCMR

You, after the required /r/PCMasterRace/ lobotomy. Now you're just like them!
  • Mock non-PC gamers.
  • Have an undue sense of superiority.
  • Bitch about Ubisoft and Rockstar.
  • Insinuate that anyone who doesn't like to play games on PC is retarded.
  • Complain about how your video card drivers aren't supported.
  • Post a picture of a response from Gaben.
  • Stalk Gaben.
  • Claim that PC gaming is cheaper by using one-sided arguments.
  • Post a picture of a game that compares the graphics of a top of the line PC versus a ten-year old console.
  • Complain about all the DRM that comes with PC games.
  • Bitch about the PC version of a game getting a later release.
  • Complain about poor optimization.
  • Cry about console exclusives (Rise of the Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Sunset Overdrive, Last of Us, Master Chief Collection, Little Big Planet, Forza, Bayonetta, etc)
  • Do a HL3 joke.
  • Talk shit about consoles, while secretly wishing you actually bought one instead of your TurboTax machine.
  • Pretend you can tell the difference between 60 and 30 fps.
  • Call a console a potato.
  • Mention how many games you have on your Steam account. Just remember not to play any of them.
  • Talk about how great the lobotomies are.

PCMR's presence on the rest of the Internet


Interestingly enough, some retard got so butthurt about this very article, that they decided to give PC Master Race Wikipedia Favicon.png its own entire article on Wikipedia to somehow get back at Encyclopedia Dramatica; and so, they got to work by utilising the amazing powers of autism to create one, resulting in a boring wall of text that's shitty, even for Wikipedia standards, to the point that other Wikipedophile editors are beginning to think that the article was written by some babbling, autistic, diaper-wearing retard, or in other words, a typical PC gamer.

The work to be done is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PC_Master_Race Add content. Make it legit.


—TheDudishSFW, http://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/2f8igp/we_have_been_desecrated/ck72rt7

Know Your Meme

As it turns out, some other retard over at "Know Your May-May" had documented the "PC Master Race" phrase some time before us here at Encyclopedia Dramatica could, but that's fine, seeing as how KYM's shitty, poorly-thought-out, and biased content cannot hope to compare to the quality, journalistic integrity, and standards that ED sets on a daily basis in its own articles. In other words, you shouldn't even bother clicking that link as all the information you could ever find on PC Gaymer fags can all be found here.


Seeing as how the rest of the internet are unable to handle just how awesome the PC Master Race really is, some fellow PC Gaymers got together to have a brainstorming session while stroking each others' cocks - all to encourage blood-flow to the brain, of course - and eventually came up with the fantastic idea to create their own website; just for them and their kind to truly be free from judgement from the rest of the internet with their PC gaming discussions - and thus, "www.pcmasterrace.net" was born. And what a piece of shit it is.

Should you ever feel the need to visit the shitty website; do the right thing and spam the forum with porn - if anything, you'd be doing the basement dwelling virgins a favour.

How to troll PCMR faggots

  • Simply tell them the truth - that consoles will always be superior to their shitty PCs.
  • Tell them that they don't actually own their games; Steam does.
  • Tell them that the Lord Gaben actually doesn't give a shit about his fans - no matter how far they're willing to deepthroat his smelly chode.
  • Tell them that all their "pc exclusives" are pieces of shit that no one would ever want to play. Ever.
  • Brag to them about all the awesome exclusives that consoles are getting.
  • Remind them that all worth-while developers are only interested in making games for consoles, because that's where the real gamers are.
  • Call them a casual.
  • Tell them that only hardcore gamers play on consoles
  • Say that the AMD Sempron is the best CPU

It's that simple.

Video Evidence

The following videos prove that PCMRfags are entirely wrong and that consoles are superior in every single way possible.

Absolute proof that Consoles pwn PC's
more proof

Gallery of "muh pc exclusives"

PC Exclusives In A Nutshell About missing Pics
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