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"Jimmy, this MILF site is how mommy bought a new Lexus." (boy has lipstick, face and eye-makeup: this is what happens when parents get too involved in your life)

POS stands for Pull Out Sex and describes a type of (barely extremely effective) birth control and an attempt to decrease the chance of STD transmission. The penis is removed from the vagina or anus immediately before ejaculation and the semen is deposited on the stomach, back or face of the person/plushy being fucked. When the semen is spread along the neckline, it is referred to as a pearl necklace. Your dad has given your mom several pearl necklaces over the years.

When someone on the internet chats writes "POS," they are requesting links to images and videos showing hardcore cumshots.

Example Usage

  <Paco650> im horny.. wanna PNP 2nite?
  <Cassandra90> yes! i want you inside me!
  <Cassandra90> oh shit
  <Cassandra90> POS
  <Paco650> okay.. sure, can I cum on your face then?

In other contexts, it can be an acronym for either piece of shit or point of sale.

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