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The PPPProject believes it is Serious Business, and produces no lulz
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The Offical logo of the PPPProject.
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The PPPPproject, otherwise known as The Pony Plot Perfection Project, is a basement dweller group made by some sick fuck furfags on deviantart who plan on altering all of the original episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to make it so male and female genitalia are visible. These sickfucks claim that a fantasy cartoon children's show needs to be anatomically correct and that the project is totally not sexual. This is obviously won't be the last clop-trot from the gutter of humanity.

The original members of this monstrosity, ThePPPP are Cloperella and iBrony, but they both left, Cloperella because she realized her reputation would be tarnished, and iBrony because he was too much of a little bitch to handle the criticism from rational people. They have created another outlet where you can get more in-depth information on their important project. Some may argue that this is just someone trolling the Bronies, but who knows. This is the MLP community, after all.

Their Call to Faggotry

"Ponies in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic reproduce sexually, so where are their genitalia? Pound and Pumpkin Cake were born, but through where? From what's shown you'd think they were like Barbie dolls, but we know for a fact that that's not the case. But why? Where are their vulvae? Their penises? How do they poop? How do they suckle? If these questions keep you up at night like they do me, join the Pony Plot Perfection Project. Our stated mission is to edit the episodes so that the characters are more anatomically complete, with their genitalia, anuses, and teats all right where they belong. This is not a sexual project, but anyone who wants to is free to become a Perfectly Proud Pony Plot Perfection Project Participant. Even if you lack artistic skills, you can still help on the artistic or management sides, or even just with recruitment through the Perfectly Proud Pony Plot Perfection Project Participant Pursuit. Progress updates will mainly be taking place at our blog, the Pony Plot Perfection Project Periodical: [link] This is where we will be posting updates, as well as imbedding the official Perfect Plot Productions. As of 04/27/2012, we are still in the Perfectly Proud Pony Plot Perfection Project Participant Pursuit phase, but once we have enough Perfectly Proud Pony Plot Perfection Project Participants, we can move on to the Pony Plot Perfection Project Planning Process and start assigning roles, developing a strategy, scheduling, and so on. After we have completed the Pony Plot Perfection Project Planning Process, we will start work on our Primary Product, a short proof-of-concept clip to show people we mean business and give us momentum going into creating the full Perfect Plot Productions. Anyone who is interested in helping us with our Perfection (the act of perfecting, not the state of being perfect) and becoming a Perfectly Proud Pony Plot Perfection Project Participant can contact us here, on the Pony Plot Perfection Project Periodical, or through our email at ponyplotperfectionproject[at]gmail[dot]com."

The PPPProject Forums

Ponies meant for little girls without genitalia is so weird.

Believe it or not, the PPPProject made their own forum last Thursday to discuss their project of sickfuckery. The forum is expected to die, as the activity on the boards is grinding to a halt because the previous users realised this project was doomed to fail. The forum consists of only four boards; the topics are as follows:


The General board is for discussing the PPPProject and nothing else. The first post was made by iBrony and was entitled: 'Just a few words of encouragement or something.' In it, he attempted to address the hate from people who aren't sick fucks and are actually capable of rational thought.

Just wanted to say something regarding all the hate you have been saying. Please dont let them get to you or crush your goals, it makes me sick to watch people shoot down ideas just because they dont like it. I cant say what effects this project will have on the fandoms reputation, but I do believe that the people who would think less of us because of it are the ones to blame. I have never been one to appreciate the notion that innocent things should be kept innocent, as this is a potential limitation on creativity. (I am aware that you want to do this for anatomy reasons, not pornographic)



The next notable post is, again, made by iBrony, because he can't stop being a butthurt faggot. He talks about getting a new logo because, in their extreme retardation, they failed to realize that the logo resembles a swastika. Ironically, he's convinced that replacing their logo will result in more people taking them seriously, and that their being ostracized from the community of furry rejects is in no way related to their quest to modify a children's cartoon to include depictions of genitalia.

Right now everyone thinks we are trolls, and one of the reasons pointing to this is how the logo looks like a swastika. Personally I am getting tired of the accusation, and we need people to take us seriously if we want to be successful.


—ibrony being a delusional fuck

Perfectly Proud Pony Plot Perfection Project Participant Pursuit

The board was designed to introduce new members to the PPPProject, but the introductory thread mostly caters to the production of PPPProject itself. It states that they need a group of artists to work on the project, even though anyone with artistic talent won't waste their time on this truck load of bullshit. The project will most likely die out soon, unless some ambitious artist decides to step up to the challenge. Any artist that applies must alter a clip of the show to prove that they are just as sick as the project organizers themselves.

This thread is for people interested in joining the PPPP. If you don't have artistic or computer skills, don't worry; we can always use your help with the PPPPPPPP and the PPPPPP.

If you do have artistic or computer skills, I'd suggest we wait until we have enough artists before we start, unless you want a large workload. We can start with the PP once we have a few artists (or one ambitious artist). Our first order of business in the PPPPPP will be choosing a short clip from the show to use for the PP, and acquiring a high quality copy to edit (optimally 1080p, no watermarks, color corrected).


— PPPP aka the administrator.

Perfect Plot Production

The board focuses on the production of this abomination. It remains almost completely empty at the moment, much to the dismay of it organizers, with only one courageous individual stepping up to the task of drawing genitalia on pony characters meant for little girls, though he is expected leave after he realises the project is dead.

Haters gonna hate

This isn't a joke if that's what you were thinking, this is an actual board which focuses on the people who hate PPPProject or just plain disagree with it. But surprisingly, no one has actually posted on it, as people who aren't sickfucks realise that this project will fail.

Yes, not everyone is cool with PPPP.


—Hmmm, I wonder why?

Production Halts

Unsurprisingly the project is currently dead in the water, and the future of this faggotry remains in question. Only their most dedicated members remain and claim that they will continue to seek others to assist them. You can help by continuing to remind them what sick fucks they are, and reminding the Bronies that it still exists.


The creator of the project, armed with his thesaurus, made a blog post in October 2014 clarifying the status of this abomination.

Just as an update, I have pretty plenarily paused all production on the PPPP due to personal preoccupations and predicaments which have produced less plentiful pleasure from perusing the poniverse.


—The sick fuck in charge, via their blog

Quotes of Sickfuckery

Very Nice.



— iBrony

I see plenty of reason in these negative comments, but I still cant help but think that it isnt right to shun what people want to do based on things like morals and what others might think.



— ibrony

The characters in MLP are equine(though they are not animals, as they are no less human than we are). Saying this, they are related to horses and have similar anatomy, but not exactly the same. You can obviously deduct that they do have genitalia, though perhaps not the more specific less notable features that you describe. Also, the workload of doing a full anatomy change would be unholy, every single frame would have to be heavily edited, instead of just some frames with the current setup. Then again, this isnt my project, I just support for my own unique reasons.




I for one find the idea rather interesting.

Though it is fairly pointless and will bring a lot of hatred, it is interesting nonetheless. Carry on then.



Hey guys, stop bashing the guy.

What happened to love and tolerance? Sure, it's a weird idea. But all these comments make it sound like he's making a group dedicated for drawing gorey genocide pony gang nazi rape.

The idea's odd, but I don't see why a guy who would like to see anatomically correct ponies get bashed this hard......

Plus, can't you people handle nudity maturely? Isn't handling things maturely a message the brony community wants to convey?



That's a shame. I was really looking forward to seeing Fluttershy's boobs.



I feel like I am surrounded by hungry, angry wolves.


— iBrony reaction to all the rational people finding this disgusting.

Because it's not for the kids show. It's for fan-work derived from a kid's show.


—Cloperella denying that MLP is for children.

Lets just say this entire thing has been turned into some sort of comedy show for Encyclopedia Dramatica to enjoy. Personally I wont be leaving simply because I dont use DeviantART much, nor will I be doing anything in this project other than supporting and perhaps regretting supporting it.


—iBrony being a Butthurt faggot


No, no no no, why would you...








—Most bronies


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