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Orlando, FL

Welcome /b/rothers to Project Chanology's Orlando operat/i/ons page. Here you will find information on upcoming raids in all parts of Florida. For now let us focus on Orlando.

How can I help?

There are many ways to help for anon and nonanon alike. The best way to begin is to read the Recommended Reading section near the bottom of this wikipedia page. Below you will find a list of upcoming events which will be to address the issue of Scientology. They are corporate corrupt in it's truest form and this is what we protest. Remember those we stand for: Lisa McPhearson, Quentin Hubbard, and many more. They have brainwashed people, disconnected and destroyed families. They are responsible for crimes against the very basic of human rights: Freedom. Remember these words /b/rothers.

Sunday, February 10

Church of Scientology Orlando
1830 E Colonial Dr
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 895-9917
[email protected] for further instructions and information.
IRC Channel: #florida

Orlando210.jpg CosSpotted.jpg

Orlando Event Map


Recommended Reading

-Florida and Orlando State Laws
Leave all weapons of any kind at home. This is a peaceful protest. Objects which someone could "mistake" for a weapon are also a bad idea to bring.
Wearing masks in Orlando is illegal. The cops WILL come down on you for this. Large sunglasses, wigs, and hats are safe.
Remember that this protest is about the actions of Scientology. We are not here to harass their beliefs or mythos.
Remember Lisa McPherson. The 2/10/2008 protests are in her honor.
Bring and hand out as many fliers as you can. Suggested fliers are found here.
Make any large signs out of soft materials such as cardboard and note or poster board. Long metal or wooden handles are considered weapons.
No alcohol or drugs are allowed. We will not remain anonymous if we're arrested.
Music can be played (boom-boxes preferred)at a moderate level of sound. This will be moderated by 'megaphone'. Rule of thumb: if it sounds loud from two two car lengths away then the scifags can trap the police with their own statutes.
More Florida laws can be read about here.
Remember scifags like to cause trouble while pretending to be with your group.
Remember the Stand Your Ground policy, it's useless to our cause but they can use it as free license to attack anyone "threatening" to them.

Wear casual clothing. Baggy jeans and a tee-shirt or button up shirt are recommended.
If you wear any form of identifying clothing please wear clothing which resembles the headless-suit or green-face Anonymous images.
Please wear large, reflective sunglasses and a hat or wig. Cowboy hats work well for hiding your face.
Hoods ARE a banned item along with masks, but facepaint is just as obscuring and quite legal.
Remember to cover up any distinctive marks, tattoos, scars, or unique personal features.
Keep all wallets or identification in front pockets, they're much harder to steal that way.
Bring a change of clothing or towel in case they turn the sprinklers on again.

Bring fliers from here or make your own. We must focus on their crimes and not on their beliefs or myths.
Bring boom-boxes. If it's loud from two car-lengths away then it's too loud. Suggested music: Anything retro, rickroll, whatwhat, chocolate rain, little girls. Avoid pirated music, the scifags may decide to try and get the MAFIAA involved.
Pack a lunch or bring drinks. A cooler should be fine. Eat things that wont sit heavily in case you need to run.
Cameras and Camcorders are great! Spy cams and recorders are good choices, small and easy to use.
If you have equipment for a LIVE INTERNETS FEED please bring them. It would make the most perfect lulz.

Any media or anonymous who is qualified in assisting with the media can contact [email protected]
All videos related to the Orlando raid will be released by anonOtown on youtube. Distribute openly.
Contact Orlando CopWatch and let them know about our protest.

Staying Anonymous

"In my opinion the church has one of the most effective intelligence operations in the U.S., rivaling even that of the FBI." -Ted Gunderson
former head of the FBI's Los Angeles office, quoted in TIME Magazine (May 6, 1991)


We have to take the CoS very seriously. Our Anonymity is key. Therefore, we must treat the Feb 10th protests, and subsequent protests, as though we are going against the FBI themselves. I have a few tips regarding transportation, observation, and general counter-intelligence which will prove very useful in protecting ourselves from the "Church."


1) If you don't live in the town of the protest, park even further away. Our meeting points ARE published and the Scifags know. It is standard procedure to search the following areas for out of town license plates.

2) When you park, park in a smart location. Follow guidelines on the map document and park at random locations outside of the guide. The Orlando location, for instance, is surrounded by food-joints. Do NOT PARK AT ONE. Any out of town plate that is at a restaurant for several hours is obviously out of place. The Scifag intel and PIs are trained to look for these things.

3) If possible, and if you have the funds, park at a large public area where tourists are frequent. In the case of Orlando, Disney world (a 45 minute commute) and Orlando Int'l airport (23 minute commute) are very good place with surveillance in their parking structures. It will be impossible for people to distinguish one out of town plate from another. TAKE ONE BUS TO THE PROTEST, AND TAKE 2 BACK. Even if it takes you way out of the way by 1 town or so, do it. Doing this will make it extremely easy to spot any type of tail (anyone following you). They would either have to follow one bus, wait at the next stop and follow that one, or ride the bus with you.

4) SET UP DROP BOXES. If you are taking photos, film, or audio recordings: The Scifags will not like any type of recording we are doing, and will possibly do anything in their power to recover any videos, pictures, or audio. If they screw up it will intensify the need for that evidence, and they may try legal action to obtain it (even though they really can't). Drop boxes for film can be a simple construction of metal tubing (a few millimeters bigger than a film canister), jb welded with a cone on the bottom, with a cap on top. You would step one of these into the ground (VERY HARD TO FIND) and recover it later if you are pursued. Mark any drop boxes several paces way from your drop box with a Chalk X with a symbol unique to you. You must expect others to be using drop boxes (I will be), and don't want to mix theirs up with yours.

5) REFRAIN FROM PRIVATE DISCUSSION, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE BRINGING A FRIEND! There WILL be infiltrators. Our strongest features are that we are anonymous, and we are legion. This is also our biggest enemy to our identity. Any Anonymous there is a potential Scifag. He is supporting you, so he is a brother, but never, under any circumstances, discuss any private information. Do not show your ID, and do not make any personal or business phone calls. There very well could be Scifags near by listening to you.

6) If possible, change in/and out of your mask/disguise. Do not do it at a nearby location. It would be best if you're taking 2 buses to do it after the first. Doing so removes a "identifiable characteristic" and makes it safe to transition to your vehicle which is traceable to you.

7) DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, BE SEEN ENTERING OR EXITING YOUR VEHICLE. Your tag is easily traceable to you, even if it is a rental. Wait as long as you have to spot and lose any tails. I, personally, have had to wait 4 hours before leaving a location in order to not be traced home.

Spotting threats

We all must assume that there will be security guards on grounds taking video and still frame. We must also assume that there will be undercover security near our protest, as well as PIs, and maybe armed guards.


Keep an eye on their clothing. It will be loose fitting. Generally, it is an Hawaiian-style button-up overshirt. Maybe they will wear a wind-breaker or jacket, but in hot tropical locations (Such as Miami, Orlando, LA), a Jacket would be very obvious.

Look at their right hip. They will often stand in a way such as to obstruct the view to their right him. Most people are right handed, and the chances of finding a gun their on an armed guard is VERY likely. Watch to see if their holster. Many will slip up and adjust it in plain sight so it's not easily viewable if it moves out of place (it's Ironic, I know, but they do it).


Most undercovers will stand innocently by, as though they are a bystander, but instead of looking in our direction they will look elsewhere a lot to make them incognito. This is a very obvious technique when you look for it. Look for Males (or occasionally females) within a 30 foot vicinity with their head or full body turned away at most times. MOVE OUT OF VIEW IF YOU SUSPECT YOU ARE BEING WATCH. If you are, the person, or another tail, will quickly move into view.


TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES! Take pictures of CoS security, PIs, and general staff. TAKE PICTURES OF PEOPLE YOU SUSPECT ARE TAILS. Any pictorial or video evidence can help in the unlikely event that you are followed and/or harassed at a later time.

TAKE IT UPON YOURSELF TO RECON! Myself and a few others have already, or are preparing to, headed/heading to the location to scout out insertion and extraction points. Taken in-depth note at security, and made generous notes at the surrounding areas. All of these things will help us stay Anonymous. Any knowledge we can have about a location before "going" there is worth gold, no matter how irrelevant it is.

REMEMBER YOUR DROP BOXES! They will be your best friend in case you are pursued.

CHANGE YOUR IDENTITY AFTER LEAVING! Any supplies you bring should be contained in one back-pack with your normal clothes, as well as another backpack. When you change after your first bus change, switch the backpack. Put the original inside the second, with your disguise. You will now have no identifiable clothing or accessories.