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PTChan is a Portuguese imageboard that is administered by an undeniably creative genius known as ##Admin##. Little indeed is known of him, discounting that fact that he would have been much better off if he had simply rolled his head on his keyboard to create a username.


PTchan, being Yet Another Completely Unnecessary Imageboard©, experiences little to no genuine activity. The pitiable place is completely overrun with frothing moralfags and other painfully dim individiuals who have forsaken the most noble pursuit of lulz. Contrary to what you doubtlessly imagine in your tiny little mind, the boards are filled to the brim with femanons. For reasons that can only be explained via invoking gross stupidity, the Portuguese call them "anonas."


Nuno Pereira was the founder and first administrator, but he couldn't handle the criticism and inevitably reset the boards whenever people offended his delicate sensibilities, or because he is so utterly incompetent that he couldn't help but to hard delete his site's data. After a period of self-ruin and suffering chronic butthurt at the hands of his users, he ended up pretending that he had moved to China, and then eventually sold the chan for good.

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