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Padonki is to the Russians as L33T is to the Westerners. Its used by basement dwellers, script kiddies and other assorted lusers across Russia, but is also used, unlike L33T, by interesting people such as Skinheads, white supremacists and other such delightful people.


Padonki was originally created at Udaff. It has then since spread amongst the Russian internet populace like cancer with almost all forums, haxx0r sites and IM using this fucked up version of Russian. It is basically Russian, but made cooler by using the grammar and spelling skillz of a 3-year old to make everything barely legible.


Udaff fucking hates you

Udaff is the Russian website that Padonki originated at. It's pretty much a collection of skinheads writing poetry and short stories about hacking up Jews and fags. The site itself is pretty lulzy if you can understand Russian as the articles are about vodka, hacking up and raping little girls, moar vodka, doing drugs, and even MOAR VODKA. Due to their fag hating ways the Udaff community is in a constant flamewar with producing many fags with severely flattened heads from curb stomping and much lulz. Anyone who is suspected of being a fag enabler who posts on the site will be laughed at, b& and hunted down.


So you've decided that you're going to troll the shit out some Russian website while sounding like some L33T Russian hacker? Then pay attention to the basic phrases.

  • Зачот, +1 - Win
  • Жжошь! - Lulzworthly (You burning out!)
  • Бугага - Ololo
  • Низачот - fail
  • Ниасилил - TL;DR
  • Животнвйе - Animal
  • Ф Бабруйск, жывотнае - GTFO
  • Ахтунг - fag (Warning,Caution)
  • Гидроколбаса - Hydrosausage (Drink-up)
  • Йа - I
  • Йух - kciD
  • Йад - Poison
  • выпей йаду и не пешы больше - go An hero yourself and don't write anymore (Go drink poison)
  • убей сибя ап стену - go An hero yourself (Run into a wall continiously until you die)
  • Аффтар - Author
  • Пешы исчо - Write Moar
  • Сцуко - Bitch
  • Пелотка - Pussy (Cunt cap)
  • Аццкий сотона - Hellish Satan
  • КГ/АМ - Creative shit/Author asshole
  • Ф газенваген - GB2 teh Gaschamber (especially good against Jews)
  • Пендостан - USA (Pendostan)
  • ЧиП - Faggot and Asshole
  • Абассака - Lulz (Piss-up)
  • Ниибаца - OH SHI- (No fuck!)
  • Тема сисек не раскрыта - Boob theme wasn't been opened
  • Ужосах - Fukken Horror


Udaff homepage.
Entire phrasebook, either learn Russian or copypasta - or your grammar and spelling will be more retarded than normal Russian; you'll just get laughed at.
падонки.org homepage.

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