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Palalalapolly is an attention whore who scammed around 100 ebaumsworld users out of $200

Her Rise To Pathetic Fame

According to everyone involved Palalalapolly made a post on the ebaumsworld forums, declaring that she would pay every person who spams her to the top of the Paris Hilton BFF list $200 and that she would also show her tits on said forum. She claimed had inherited large amounts of money from her father and could therefore easily pay everyone $200. Soon after the ebaumsworld users spammed her profile to the top, she deleted the thread, and then her account on the ebaumsworld forum, and cancelled the paypal account that she claimed she would pay the money through. Over 9000 pissed off ebaumsworld users have now spammed her page and started reporting her to mtv for cheating.

lying cunt

People, people, people. You know how in competitive reality shows people always form alliances to help each other to the finals and then one bitch always backstabs everyone and gets the prize? Well, I'm the backstabbing bitch. You may vote for me, and I'm grateful for that, but please. I would never vote for anyone else apart from me in this. You really wanna be Paris' new BFF? Well, guess what? So do I.




Sam Dashefsky Discrepancy

On the morning of March 17, 2008 Sam Dashefsky took over the scat-artist Palalalapolly's #1 position due to his large fan base. Palalalapolly decided to once again screw over an innocent young man and reported sam for "cheating." Sam's fans say Polly is going to pay for this... Pollys fans aren't that sure about it!

Polly's fans however, are fucking retards. Just like she is. They somehow persist in the delusion that her votes are legitimate, as though there is anything particularly interesting or vote-worthy about her, other than her (currently) unrevealed mammaries, or her (currently) unremitted cash.

Current Position

twice as much votes as number 2

Palalalapolly has since denied any knowledge of the spamming on her blogs, despite the fact that her vote count went up by about 1000 votes in just one hour. She has also threatened to get lawyers involved, due to people creating fake accounts with her pictures. For this, she is a stupid cunt, since she doesn't realize that she put the pictures on the internet, and hence people can use them as they see fit.

And as the picture on the right shows, she is in the number one spot, with significantly more votes than the person in second.

This Polly girl is downright ugly, despite the fact she used to do porn. It was scat porn. Ever seen 2girls1cup? She inspired that.

Current STDs

Due to Palalalapolly extensive career in pornography, she has contracted several STD's.

She is currently infected with Herpes (HSV-2), commonly known as genital herpes due to intimate contact with several nigras in her last film.

Herpes II is a sexually transmitted viral infection, which often produces painful sores, usually in the genital area. Once infected, an individual may carry the virus and be subject to recurrent bouts of infection. Some estimate that as many as 20 percent of the adult population in the United States has been exposed to the virus.

There is no cure. She will have a scabby vagoo for life.

She is also currently infected with Syphilis. She contracted it in the same incident mentioned above. While there is a cure, it's still pretty fucking gross to think about.

The Reaction

Recent anonymous research found that the fugly chick is in fact a brazilian e-whore, who owns a blog dedicated to trolling celebrities. She discovered the existence of her ED entry, and unleashed her whore-rage:


You know you turned into something when people starts to talk shit about you. Someone went to Encyclopedia Dramatica (no one ever heard about or gives a shit) and did this entry about Polly.

In this entry, people calls Polly "attention whore" (well, this is kind of true, i wont lie) and lying cunt and they said she promised to Ebaumsworld forum (never heard about²), that she would pay $ 200 for every person who voted for her - that she held ludicrous amount of money - and would show her tits .

Lies, lies and more lies! We want proofs ! First thing, you can't check each person who voted, you got to be a retard to believe that its possible to pay $ 200 for each person who voted for Polly. Second, Polly would never pay two hundred for anyone, we know her, and for her to show her tits, juts give her some vodka.

So, to piss people off more and more, in a kind of chain "your envy make my fame", lets keep voting?


—her friend (translated from orcish)