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PalComix is one of the other major pedophiliac sites on the internets since WWOEC and not a French comic strip. Created last Thursday, its content is a selection of at least 100 hentai doujins/comics on such faggotry as lolicon, furries and fan characters. There is also a forum where 'fans' can talk and jerk off over such things.

Example Comics

Krystal fags rejoice! PalComix has heard your plea.
An example of Bbmbbf's art

Below is an example of the range of topics which PalComix covers.

School Days
  • Even more underage fun with furries! But this time, it's in a public school and even has a bit of incestuous flavoring. Yummy! Contains incest and underage people having sex in public places.
The New Adventures of Ashchu
  • Also known as "Ash Can Fuck His Pokémon Now That He's One of Them". And it goes on for OVER FIFTY PAGES. Continuation of a crappy fanfic some little kid wrote a while back. Contains bestiality and plenty of homosexuality, including how they say that their cum was sweet, and how much they liked it. UPDATE: It now has two sequels.
Reform School Whores!
  • Ever wonder what would happen if some of your favorite comic book and cartoon super hero characters crossed-over? Apparently, they'd fuck each others' brains out. Contains sex, lesbianism, and Teen Titans.
Star Fox: Worthy Encounter
  • PalComix has heard your cries, you furfags. Enjoy this, a comic with Krystal being taken advantage of. Contains furfaggotry and really transparent fan-characters.
PalComix VIP
  • Started in late 2008, PalComix has a VIP section (hosted by none other than HentaiKey, of course) which boasts numerous updates (much more than the main site) and includes not only exclusive content, but remastered classics as well. The worst part? He actually expects you to pay for this shit.

Popular Themes

Typical comics are practically identical in terms of plot and fetishes. Almost every single comic contains numerous examples of:

The Faggot responsible

The main artist doing what he does best.

The main artist is BBMBBF who draws mostly all of the comics on the site. The rest are named as 'The PalComix Team'

He lures morons onto the site and has them part with their cash to draw their fan-character fucking a furry (see 'Taking The Heat for an example) as a 'commission' work. Except all his art looks the same, and looks like it has about as much effort put into it as it take to squash an insect under his/its foot, which is also an upcoming fetish comic for PalComix.

BBMBBF doesn't like the LULZ

Someone under the name Dandt tried to be funny by making the above faggots responsible 'censored' by linking putting 'CENSORED' over naughty words and the e-mail address. They also left this fearful message:

From someone trying to make the world a better place-
Whoever came up with the above statements, is clearly a straight stereotypical male, someone
who I believe that should clearly be shot, for anyone who uses the internet to insult people
as an individual or as a group, are part of today's problems.
Oh and next time, how about you actually put a name with your opinions, so next time someone
like me comes along, I know who to address my responses to! Prat!

It should also be noted that BBMBBF posted a comic on his shitty site, pointing out what assholes we are here at ED, by directly quoting this article. His inability to read the "Don't feed the trolls" sign proves that he is, in fact illiterate.

Gallery of Evil, Consider your childhood destroyed

Here's the sick fuck himself. A Tommy Wiseau lookalike, am I right?

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