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Upgrading your Paltalk account will make you a virgin

Paltalk is the home of losers and faggots, who have nothing better to do than to talk to random people online. IRL these people would be burned at the stake for their retarded views on the world. All their Admins are left-wing fucktards looking to spread fail and will kick people for bullshit reasons.

Pal Community


Because Paltalk is free, anyone can join and instantly get AIDS. Each room is full of angry middle-aged lonely people looking to bitch about the world, and are obsessed with playing lame music to make people feel welcome to the shit hole that is this circle jerk. It’s also a well known fact that users that don’t have a profile, are 13 year old boys fapping to sex cams at OVER 9000 before Paltalk asks for an upgrade.

YouTube Favicon.png Anger Chatroom.

The Rooms

Typical Tuff Guy Message.

Each category has been designed for a particular type of faggotry. Below are some of the more retarded, homo dick farms that are full of fail in large amounts.

Featured Rooms

Standard rooms for newbies and confused old people. Expect lamers and furrys in large quantities.

Friends, Love and Romance

Possibly the only room that proves God doesn’t exist. Full of fat men looking for cyber sex and foreigners chatting in moon talk.

Social Issues and Politics

ROFLcopters and FBI raid this room regularly. Plenty of George Bush haters and radical KKK members looking to cry like little babies about the world and the price of oil.


Need we say more?

Religion and Spirituality

The Holy Grail of trolls and Jesus fanboys. Full of crazy creationists and drunk priests screaming about the end of the world. Soulless Atheists bashing God and plotting to rule the world.

Computers and Technology

Rooms full of nerds and SNES fanboys talking about how cool Linux is. Uber coolz hackers showing of their 1337 skills by threatening to get your IP address.


Plenty of furrys and fat ugly men jerking in front of cams. Creepy old men looking for some young ass and fat minghags using sandpaper dildos and doing goatse poses.

Trolling Paltalk

  • trolling the bnp for ultra lulz from butthurt neo-nazis. be sure to tell them their country is full of sand niggers.
  • Hog the microphone and play loud gay music.
  • Read bible quotes in Atheist rooms.
  • Stalk emo kids until they die.
  • Talk about buttsex in Christian channels.
  • Send any offensive files to everyone without "do not disturb" or "pals only" status.
  • Spam the admin with files until the lag on his computer gets him off the mic, than jump it
  • Say nigger in African rooms
  • Use Camtasia for infinite camera lulz
  • Ask people in Foreign Language rooms how to say offensive things
  • Play Slayer or Anal Cunt in every room
  • Make friends with admins until you get their admin code, then take over for ultra-lulz.
  • Set text to "Large" and pick Red as the color

Known Trolls

  • PORYGON-Q - Mic spammer and multi-account troll.
  • BADLARRY - Atheist always in a bad mood.
  • GaBoi_27 - Troll but doesn't know it lol.
  • NitroOxide74 - Mic spammer, spams guro & viruses to random people, b& from over 9000 rooms
  • UltimateUltimate - One of NitroOxide74's many alts.
  • Your mom - Cam whore who sticks over 9000 dildos in her ass
  • Skeeter Lee - Mic spammer, beat boxes into the mic during religious debates among other things
  • IRANIAN12 - Known mic spammer, always plays Islamic shit in Catholic rooms.
  • SimonCowell_ - Frequently flashes his penis in Christian rooms and jerks off on cam

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