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Pantaloons faggotry knows no bounds

Pantaloons is best described as a closet case grammar nazi known to add to the fail of 4chan. Being a klismaphiliac basement dweller whom gets off to Naruto when not policing IRC, he believes lulz generators linking Rick Roll should be permabanned. His skin is equivalently as pale as a Jew's, despite several attempts to making it yellowier to appear to be a real rice nigger. Having a jewfro isn't helping him either. Pantaloons will pwn ephebofiles with witty comebacks for IRC spelling, especially completely original jokes about your mom. Some of Pantaloons faggotry includes being an:

Pantaloons is known to lurk #4chan when not inserting enemas in to his ass and watching hentai.

Faggotry In Action

<Pantaloons> ALTERNATIVE, msgmcmuffin is linking to horrible stuff please ban him forever
<Pantaloons> Michael Chorost (born 1964) is an American writer, teacher and cyborg.
<Pantaloons> welcum 2 english gurammar
<Pantaloons> msgmcmuffin cant spell for shit so he links to dumb websites instead
<Pantaloons> msgmcmuffin's face shocked his mother
<Pantaloons> you're right, drooling on your own dick is for winners
<Pantaloons> I'll go heat up another one of those delicious cheese things and then watch meatwad adventures
<Pantaloons> so I told this girl one day that I won't really mind that she'll be away for the weekend and wont be able to talk to me
over the internet
<Pantaloons> but a day later I sent her a text message saying that I miss her already