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Adolf Eichmann, a fervent pants Nazi, also known as "The pantspenis of Germany". Was arrested in April 1960 and faced trial for crimes against pantsfree civilization.

Pants Nazi and Shorts Nazi are derogatory terms used to describe participants in a discussion (online or otherwise) who criticize or correct the pants usage of other participants. These terms are often associated with accusations that the person is flaming by finding fault with minor details of other participants' pants. Participants in these discussions often end up taking opposite sides in the prescriptive/descriptive debate.

As wearing pants is quite difficult, and missing pants quite commonplace, it is very easy to find someone not wearing pants that one can cling to in order to be a "Pants Nazi". In other cultures with more regular pants wearing, other clothing features might be used, as the shirt or the shoes.


<Nin10doman> You guys should wear pants.
<Dr_Talon> pants nazi.
<kahrn> ..I do wear pants.

Pants Nazi Opposition

While Pants Nazis do everything in their power to convert people to wearing pants, there exists a small but elite group of (most commonly) pedophiles who oppose these vulgar pro-pants gay boys. A prominent figure in this organization would be Michael Jackson, known to rip off boys' pants in an effort to make the world a more pedophilia-accessible place. A major component of this movement consists of sharking.

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- The author of this article didn't wear any pants while writing it, in order to create a certain stench of verisimilitude.

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