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Parasyte is an animu about a Japanese 16 year old boy named Shinji whose hand is first eaten by, and then replaced with, an evil talking glovepuppet. Furious that he is no longer able to masturbate to loli porn or pick his nose, Shinji goes on a revenge rampage against glovepuppets everywhere.

Parasyte's title in moonspeak is "Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu", which translates to "The Vagina Monologues". Surprisingly for an animu, Parasyte cut out the lesbian rape of a 13 year old girl when it was adapted from the original, greatly displeasing pedobear.

The Paraystes

The parasytes start off as worm-like creatures that hatch from conker shells. Being parasites, they instinctively search for a living host to leech off of - they do this by drilling into their body and converting the surrounding cells into parasyte cells. A parasyte will always aim for the head so that it can take control of the central nervous system resulting in demonic possession. Once the cells are converted the parasyte can morph them at will - growing eye-stalks, lips, knives, etc.

A parasyte will only value it's own life and there is hardly any low a parasyte won't sink to in order to get what it wants.


Shinji/Shin'ichi - The teenaged ex-masturbator protagonist who has his migite tabe-yo by Migi. His mom gets possessed by a Parasyte, his school gets attacked by Parasytes numerous times and his bitch Kana gets impaled by a Parasyte, turning Shinji into a dry-ice cold mothafucka - until Tamura Reiko dies.

Migi - A parasyte who tried to invade Shinji's head but failed and had to become his arm instead. In the interest of preserving his own life, he will protect Shinji's life - but he never shuts the fuck up about how he "only values his own life". In the end he goes to sleep to play Miegakure forever.

Satomi Murano - Shinji's girlfriend who doesn't know shit because Shinji's too much of a wuss to 'fess up to her about Migi. Gets boned by Shinji.

Tamura Reiko/Tamiya Ryoko - A really smart parasyte who becomes existential and bears a child with A. She develops human emotions and gets shot to death.

A - A totAl Asper.

Kana - A gang-whore who has magic parasyte-sensing powers despite being human because... just because. When she sensed Migi she thought that her sense was Tru Luv. She went to on to obsess over Shin'ichi and approach any parasyte signal she got even after being told by Shin'ichi the sense would lead her to danger - this of course gets her killed, leading to the whole fandom screaming "Good riddance".

Mitsuo - Kana's ex-boyfriend who constantly stalks her and develops a hobby of getting ass-raped because he constantly picks fights with the wrong people.

Gotou - A parasyte created by Tamiya Ryoko/Tamura Reiko. Shin'ichi kills him with cyanide.

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