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For hilariously shitty parents see Pop parenting.

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MOST parents are fucking awesome. Just ask any orphan how much they'd like a couple. Parents give away a huge chunk of their life, health and disposable income for their children's sake, but most realize, and far too late, that it isn't going to make them happy and that you just can't hand a toddler back when you're the parent.

So please be understanding when your Mom drinks those special silver shaker drinks and gets all weepy before lunch. Try to bond more with Dad, he'd be happy to show you the porn collection he keeps in the shed that he never leaves on weekends. Oh, and teenagers: you can stop all that fucking whining and get your hair cut. No one cares about your stupidass problems or social awkwardness. If your parents aren't beating you on a regular basis, you're doing better than you probably deserve.

Drunk Fucks

Although a lot of parents are nice, along with being a failed abortion or the result of a ripped condom you get "butthurt" parents, that are drunk, stressed and if anything 'Two fails at life'. These parents enjoy beating you for the lulz(although you probably deserve it). These parents are known as "drunk fucks", many of these "drunk fucks" usually lead their child to committing suicide or on the street. These parents don't let you go to parties, hangout with friends and keep you locked in a room for you to slowly rot, while you furiously fap to softcore porn. They blame You for how fucked their lives are. If you have drunk fucks your mom is most likely a Cock TrapperIf you have these parents and you haven't already killed yourself please make your kids lives a little less fucked. Thank you, you can stop cutting yourself with a razorblade now.

Typical parents
Father Teaching Daughter not to be a furry

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Be glad your parents don't do this.
And if they do, please send in pictures.

Types of Parents

Should Never be Parents