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Info non-talk.png Patrick Knight has left the building!
Patrick Knight in earlier times, before he 'put to sleep' some bitches who were asking for it.
Patrick Knight making a crack deal.

Patrick Knight is a doomed lulz warrior condemned to death for the frivolous crime of shooting two people in the back of the head in a field in 1991. Due to the minor nature of these charges Patrick remains a perfectly good person and endeavors to bring lulz to fellow inmates/sick fucks around the world by holding a competition to find the lulziest final quote possible, which he will use just before the state hops him up on drugs for the final time.

MySpace Drive

Someone, apparently his friend, has set up a MySpace where you can submit your jokes. It is private and you have to be over 18 to be accepted, so if you're not here's the text.

About me

THE TEXAS DEATH ROW "LAUGH IN" PLEASE: No MINORS If your a minor, please do not even ask for a friend add, your too young to be interested in crime or criminals. NO PRIVATE PAGES WILL BE ADDED Because I have no way of knowing what is on the page if it's private. This is NOT a prisoner support page. It's not a page seeking money or pen-pals. It's not about his crime, because if it were, it would mention the victims. We are not trying to disrespect anyone. Please read the newspaper articles in the blogs. Thanks

Who I'd like to meet

I recently received a letter from Patrick Knight, a death row inmate in the Polunsky Unit in Texas. He has an execution date of June 26th 2007. In his own words "I'll be enjoying my last days on this earth. I'm not asking for any pen pals but I am asking you to spread the word that I am holding a contest. I want people to send me their best jokes, to keep me and the others with dates, laughing!" The best joke, which will be determined by the inmates on death watch and will be recited in Patrick's "Last Statement". Hopefuly The Houston Chronicle and other media will print it. Instead of "Dead Man Walking" he will be "Dead Man Laughing". send to: Patrick Knight #999072 Polunsky Unit 3872 FM 350 S. Livingston, Texas 77351

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