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What happens when you combine a Mexican with Pedophilia, New age, Ted Haggard, Gorilla199 and Chris-chan?

Pedo Scarface happens.

You gonna get raped

Pedo Scarface (AKA Stalky, Antonio, Gilly Boy), IRL name Gilberto Fabila, is a Mexican 54 year old sick fuck who likes to stalk little boys (NOT GAY) IRL and over the interwebz. His stalking abilities IRL includes taking pictures at long distance of his victims, and sending creepy mails supposedly from France and other countries of the eurofag community. But the real fun starts when Pedo Scarface try to stalk over the interwebz, because the simple fact that he does not know how to interwebz.

He claims to be 100% straight despite the fact that he also says that he likes little boys, and to prove this he always point out to the fact that he is married.


The discovery of Pedo Scarface was done when one of his victims told anonymous at the SectaChan about him, and then the trolling began. Apparently Pedo Scarface believes that this victim went to japan, after trying to run away from Stalky's claws. This created the perfect conditions to start the trolling and the Pedo Scarface legend.

Pre Trolling era

A rare photo of stalky with LD

The one victim who introduced Pedo Scarface to anonymous referred himself as "LD" or "Luis David". According to him Stalky was LD's music keyboard teacher at one point, but many years after that he started to stalk LD's using gmail sock-accounts sending him creepy sickfucked messages about him having someone who followed him... hell, you know the typical stalkers crap. LD's was not supposed to know who was sending him, as they were sock accounts, but he was also receiving too many friendly messages from Stalky at the same time. So all he did was ask stalky if he knew who one of the sock account was, and because he is a retard, he panicked and screwed up sending LD a shopped image of his mail account receiving also messages from his own sock account.

LD told Stalky to go away, but Stalky insisted that he was innocent and he was being framed by someone. After almost a year stalky reappeared with a new story to cover his tracks, sending LD and LD's parents letters from France telling him that the real stalker was the mother of some 12 years old eurofag leukemia-born girl, who saw one of LD's performances at some random place full of mexicans at almost 2:00AM and that after that she asked her mother to stalk him hacking into stalky mail account and sending him the mails.

Of course LD told him to go away once again, and then Stalky threatened with suing LD because... he was telling him he was stalking him when he was. Shortly after Stalky confessed everything sending him pictures he took of LD and other shit. After this LD changed his mail account, and gave anonymous an account he created previously to send all stalky contacts a message telling them that stalky was in fact a stalker.

Pedo Scarface, the Japanese girl Farmer

It was known something about Stalky having some kind of regression therapy, and saying that LD was the reincarnation of his girfriend or some shit like that. But on the Nakayama's Saga it was revealed that the story was even more sick than that. Pedo Scarface sent Jake an Autobiography explaining his stalker tendencies, his inexistent homosexuality, and why he was stalking LD. He says on his autobiography that he took a regression therapy because of some bullshit condition he had, and that he said on his regression that he was the reincarnation of a Japanese girl farmer of the medieval age, and that LD was a Japanese prince who she had sexual relations with, and because of that she and the prince were killed.

There is some speculation that the therapy never happened and that everything is actually bullshit, but there are some reasons to believe that a regression session may actually happened because of some evidence on his hacked mail account of him being subscribed to some regression therapy bulletins.

The Jake Nakayama Saga begins

Translation: Forgive me Luis David

On February 2008, Anonymous created Jake Nakayama who was the reincarnation of LD. At this point Stalky was trying to ask for forgiveness to LD, and Jake Nakayama appeared after the take over by anonymous and tried to convince Stalky that LD, now known for some strange reason as Jake Nakayama, was willing to accept his apology, but that he needed to do something in return.

This was the first test to prove how willingly was Stalky to accept and do what Jake Nakayama said.... and it worked.

Robert, the gay friend

Robert's Actual picture

After obtaining the friendship of Jake Nakayama, a new character was introduced to the story, called Robert, who was Nakayama's gay friend. Of course this was done with the intent of trying to make stalky to confess he was gay. But this had an unexpected turn when Robert started to exchange mails with Stalky, and told him that he once kissed Jake. This made Stalky cum on his pants, and asked for more information and intimate facts, despise the fact that he told Jake that he only wanted to be his friend.

The Sri Lanka incident

This incident proved how retarded Stalky really was. Jake told Stalky that he was going on vacation to Korea to create the time needed for Robert to make stalky confess his fagness. But for some random reason Jake at once told on Messenger that he was actually in Sri Lanka on the middle of a fucking military coupe. Jake started to send Hexadecimal and ASCII code as if the connection was being interrupted by the bombs of the city, and told stalky to call the Mexican embassy in Sri Lanka to help him. Stalky believed fucking everything, even when Jack abruptly ended the conversation. After this Anonymous was sure that he was ready for his debut as Pedo Scarface.

Pedo Scarface is born

With the help of Robert, the gay friend, Jake Nakayama, who returned safely to Mexico after riding on camels to Iraq, told Stalky that he was very angry at him because he knew he was talking to Robert about private matters, and that he was also using another sock-account (What a surprise). And because of that he needed to take another photo of himself in order to gain once again Jake Nakayama's trust. For this Jake told Stalky to go to a sex store on the middle of "Zona rosa" (Mexico City's gay town), buy the biggest and realistic dildo of the store, and take a picture of himself with the dildo on one hand and a sign that said

Look at him smiling. At least he ain't bullshitting you.
I'm a stalker and I watch kiddie pr0n using this big baby.


Robert also told him to add some stupid shit as "Acompañelo con leche" (Eat it with milk), "Come frutas y verduras" (Eat Fruits and Vegetables), "Fumar es causa principal de cancer" (Smoking is one of the main causes of cancer) and some other lame politic slogans that are not even visible on the final picture. At first Stalky didn't wanted to do it because the day he was ordered to do it was the anniversary with his wife, but after telling him that if he didn't do it Jake would disappear forever, he had no option and did it.

The end of the Nakayama Saga

After the Pedo Scarface Photo session, Jake told Stalky, now baptized as Pedo Scarface, that he was not happy with the pictures because of the crappy resolution, and the fact that nor the shop or the dildo are clear on the photo. And asked Pedo Scarface to now record some random video of himself telling all his friends and family that his new name was "Antonio" for the lulz. But for some reason he refused to do so, so Jake Nakayama and Robert revealed them selfs as members of an international organization created to troll pedophiles and that everything was for the lulz.

After this Stalky threated both, Jake and Robert telling them that "When he died he was going to be able as a ghost to go to their beds". Also made some other lame threats and shit.

The h4x0rz Saga

Soon after the end of the Nakayama's Saga, Jake told Pedo Scarface that LD was really dead. Jake also killed Robert, and now is trying to kill Stalky, sending him photos of the outside of his hose via Google Streetview, and calling him at 4AM of the morning. Jake was also able to hack 2 of his mail accounts, and his Sonico (Mexican Facebook) account.

Even after all the trolling, Stalky is still believing that Jake Nakayama is really LD, this became epic lulz when Jake forced Pedo Scarface to call him to a voice mail in Washington. D.C, wasting Pedo Scarface's money and time, like with the dildo. Also in the progression of all the trolling history Pedo Scarface has recurrently used a h4x0rz personality, which could be him or his brother according to some anonymous. This developed intro many I HAS YOUR IP threats, and stupid shit, but also he claims to have an organization helping him to do stuff like sending void threats mails.

Recently after Pedo Scarface restarted to send more creepy mail in Moonspeak, Jake sent him a shopped photo of his house using the magical powers of Street View, which made him crap his pants. And after a month he responded sending some random photo of someone's house, and just to tease him Jake never answered, so recently he sent a mail in l33t speak telling Jake how he was doing his page about LD or some shit is only comprehensible to a 54 year old gay stalker.

In response Jake sent him the link to this ED page, and after a loooooong disappearance he once again sent some more Moonspeak creepy stuff. So now for the lulz Jake contacted some anon who also knew Moonspeak at a more advanced level than Pedo Sarface to sent him new requests for the lulz, even when it was already obvious that he was not going to be able to read that shit, so Jake wrote at the end "P.S. If you can't read this you are fucked up.", and in the typical Stalky way he answered to this saying that he could read him, and that Jake was the one fucked up. So Jake made fun of him again, and stalky seended a totally incomprehensible piece of wut?. He insists that Jake is LD, and that he is going to make a page about him or some shit like that, and some other threat to maybe someone known to LD, who the fucks know. And then "I love you" at the end.

So the moral of the story is, if you didn't succeeded the first time, try again, and again, and again, and always expect a different result.

The JewTube Saga

I'm so pretty, and totally not gay

Once again Mr.Stalky, with the help of over 9000 sock accounts, Tried to contact Jake, and once again Jake responded with his friendship. This time, however, it was required by the official institute of the lulz, that Stalky made YouTube videos talking about his life as a Japanese Girl Farmer on ancient japan, and for him to tell all the stalking drama that happened before the trolling took place. As always, Gil with his dick pumping blood to the point of deformation, did it without thinking about the consequences.

Stalky: The japanese farmer pt1(Spanish)

Stalky: The japanese farmer pt2(Spanish).

Stalky: The japanese farmer pt3(Spanish).

Stalky: The japanese farmer pt4(Spanish).

Stalky: The japanese farmer pt5(Spanish).

Stalky: The japanese farmer pt6(Spanish).

Stalky: The Modern time Staker pt1(Spanish).

Stalky: The Modern time Staker pt2(Spanish).

Stalky: The Modern time Staker pt3(Spanish).

Stalky: The Modern time Staker pt4(Spanish).

And Jake, with the help of anonymous made a Remix of his 1st saga of videos to make it more watchable and lulzy.

After this Jake distanced himself from Stalky, and stalky responded with ANOTHER non requested youtube video where he reveals, among other things, the full name of the shota he was stalky, once again thinking that it is Jake. This time however, the video was made because he just recently discovered that even after he tried to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING, what is on the interwebz stays on the interwebz.

A AMV he uploaded of *SHOCK* a shota.

The lulziest part is that he created many sock accounts to comment on this video just to make himself feel popular and powerful. It's just funny when so manny people register an account on jewtube the same fucking day just to post some commentary sucking Pedo Scarface's child loving tiny cock.

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He really lieks that kiddie pr0n

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