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His first course was only £400

Peep Show, a britfag sitcom starring Robert Webb and David Mitchell, proved itself to be the most awesome show in the history of old media when they successfully trolled Scientology and subtly referenced Anonymous and the "Old Guard" critics It's the final episode in the series, and at long last Jeremy experiences a rare shaft of self revelation. After taking a personality test he realizes that instead of the brilliant musician that he thinks he is, he is "a misguided dickhead". So he joins a cult and changes out of all recognition - cleaning the kitchen (unasked), and wearing his shirts buttoned up to the collar.

There's a conspiracy about them on the internet


—Jez, not talking about Scientology

an anonymous text message


—Jez, he knows the way out of Not A Cult

Of course, they aren't really talking about Scientology. Just that "Jez discovers a new lease of life after he and Super Hans join The New Wellness Centre, a way of life based on the seven sacred truths from the golden tablets found on the asteroid that crashed in Siberia 1911 and definitely not a cult".

I'm going clear!


—Yes, it's definitely not Scientology

Thoughts? You want to give that shit a rest.
You've been doing that shit all your life.



—Super Hans

Crank up the Orgon-o-meter and bring on Module II!



You're not trying to deprogram me?




  • Delicious loli spotted. Season 1, Episode 3. Teenage goth smoking pot, unfortunately Pedobear was not available for comment.

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