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Peergaurdian can effectively stop Presidents from hacking you.

PeerGuardian is a program made by Phoenix labs designed to block the IPs of certain groups depending on lists that the user picks. It's most commonly used by wearers of tinfoil hats, pedophiles trying to evade being V&, and skiddies who don't want the feeb to catch them with their 1337 h4x.

Pros and Cons


1. Stops the government from h4xin yer dox
2. Reduces your chance of being caught while you torrent the Metallica discography and all of DBZ.
3. Somewhat prevents you from getting spyware if you're to much of a Luddite to get rid of IE.


1. If you're a 13 year old boy,or Simon Tessier, then you will in fact have to disable PeerGuardian to play Garry's Mod, as it blocks steam servers.
2. PeerGuardian will actually block its own update servers, and you will have to disable it to update.
3. You have to have an IQ higher than room temperature to use PeerGuardian.
4. Windows 64-bit users would rather beat Battletoads than run it on their computer. It's a bitch. So use PeerBlock.

Other Facts

PeerGuardian is Open Source and available on Linux so all you neckbeards don't rage over proprietary software.
It's also made for Mac so even faggots can have their privacy.

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