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For those of us who actually leave our basement and expose ourselves to sunlight and fresh air, sometimes we need to go shopping for the necessities and other things that make our lives easier. Walmarx Walmart is one such place that sells these things.

What could possibly be better than going to a store where they pay people to say hi to me!?


You, ecstatic that someone other than your mom is talking to you

Well, as any Walmart shopper knows, the only thing better than that is the people who shop there. Realizing the potential lulz goldmine, Peopleofwalmart was created to be a site where normal people (According to them) take pictures of weird looking people as well as anything else related and upload them for lulz.

The Site

Yes, there is a baby in there.

This is purely for entertainment purposes only.


—- AJK, ADK, LDW (The People of Walmart)

Naturally, a site like this attracts rich folk who like to laugh at poor people. It also attracts poor folk who are mad at the internet elite posting OMG ILLEGAL pictures of rednecks, blacks, old people, the mentally retarded, and single mothers. Pretty much the entire spectrum of Walmart denizens.

The fact is, the site is both funny and fun for the whole family. Some suggest that this is a cruel exercise in picking out the poorest dregs of society and pinning them to a wall for us in our fibre optic towers to throw darts at, and those people would be correct. BUT THEY DID IT FOR THE LULZ.

Hate Mail

Some poor people go to the library or have relatives in prison, and both of these facilities have internet access. Here is what they had an educated person type out for them.

Did you even bother to consult with an attorney before you did something this stupid? You probably should have. All I see here is a lawsuit in progress….Nothing funny about it.



This is pretty much one of the most pathetic websites I’ve seen lately. I could just imagine what the losers look like who put it together. I guess you’re so much better, in your minds, if you dress better? This pathetic store wouldn’t be as big as it is, if it wasn’t for everyone shopping there, no matter what they’re wearing, a**holes!



F*** YOU for making fun of people. These people don’t need pity, but theysure as hell don’t need to be mocked. F*** your arrogant asses and this cruel website.



What gives you the right to mock and humiliate these people you and your kind are sick and immature! your parents must be proud they raised a real jackass who probably is no more then a bored idiotic geek that feels horrible about his/herself so the only way you can make yourself feel better is to make fun of someone else. Grow the hell up.



Hello. I’m English, from England, where deep class divisions linger on unnoticed, like Chlamydia. But I must say, this blog seems to be about taking photos of the poor and then mocking them. That doesn’t strike me as very enlightened. But this is the internet, so knock yourself out, I just thought I’d say it how I see it, as you yanks might put it.



What a meanspirited website you have constructed. I don’t see any humor in ridiculing working class and poor people who have not enjoyed the economic advantages you have. These are good people who deserve dignity and respect without regard to their appearance. You know nothing about them, their strengths, their families, their trials, or their life stories. There is enough negativity and cruelty in the world without this website. Please take it down. It’s about as funny as beating up homeless people when you are bored.



You little geniuses are missing out on a lot of mental stimulation by not embracing the diversity of the human condition fully. Start getting some interviews and quotes. You could become big time videographers..and, while filming, don’t forget to get a close up of yourselves the first time a real life story dampens your little ol eyes



What’s next? “People of the Food Bank” or “People of the Salvation Army”? All you are doing is having a laugh at the expense of the poor. It’s not funny, and quite frankly, it just makes me sad…


—Mickey, who apparently thinks that everything at WalMart is free

It is unfortunate that in an attempt to appear dignified and respectable, you (the creators of this website) have simply showed the rest of us how it takes absolutely no education or awareness of the world around you to deem yourselves worthy of classifying what is and isn’t a “handicap”. While I understand that your attempts at “satire” (I think you should refer yourselves to a dictionary for a better understanding of this word before using it in describing this site, which certainly is not satirical in nature) involve observing how people intentionally choose to live such “trashy” lifestyles, your presumptions about the populations for which you mock couldn’t be farther from truth. The class hierarchy in America is not a secret and it is also very well documented and researched that the lower classes of our country are not only the subject of oppression, but also that the ability for the average person to actually rise from one socio-economic standing to one above that of their current status is extremely hard in the system that America uses to determine success. Because of this, the people you so choose to mock were most likely born into a low socio-economic status and never really had the opportunity to live a lifestyle outside of that. Poor nutrition (causing the obesity epidemic we have in our country, which you get plenty of laughs out of), lack of steady income (which would likely explain half of the attire and cars on this website) and lack of access to healthcare (also contributing to the condition of these you love to exploit) are all plagues upon our country. It is unfortunate that, rather than actually promote programs and ideas to help lessen the gap in America’s wealth, you choose to use your influence on the World Wide Web to continue harmful stereotypes of lower classes and perpetuate the stigma against them that continues to hold them back.
Of course, had any of you ever attended a College of any reputation you would have certainly attended a Sociology class that would have covered this in the first quarter. However, your lack of respect for the lower class in our country also suggests you were brought up in a fairly middle-class to upper-class environment. The fact that you even take the time to update this site also suggests you are of a younger generation. So congratulations: you were born into one of the most privileged and select social classes in the world, and yet having failed to attain an education of any merit you waste your time pointing out the inadequacies of those who have not had the same privileges as you in their lives. The real shame is that you're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.




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