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Steptoe and Son: The emo years. ARROLD?

Perfection Dolls are a vomit inducing MySpace group that originated on Vampire Freaks in 2004. They moved to MySpace because they are an assload of camwhores. They claim to be exclusive and only allow 250 members to join. In spite of this restriction, membership is 47 now. Membership is constantly fluid and changes often due to inactivity or some self-conscious cutter getting their feelings hurt, thus causing them to flock away and trash Perfection Dolls for hurting their feelings. In order to get in the group you must have a rocker mullet, wear a bucket full of make-up, Photoshop your zits out of all your pictures, and use some kind of distortion/blur effect to your picture to make it more difficult to see your face. Perfection Dolls is a clique where they all hype each other up and tell each other how perfect they are. Their poster band is Cinema Bizarre (a crap glam trash weeaboo band from Germany). They claim to be elite and envied and unlike any other of the scene/emo vanity cliques. In reality the are a bunch of self-conscious, zit faced, pricks that wish they knew who their real daddy was.

Members of PD

As with most typical emo and scene groups where the pictures are shamelessly photshopped and they whore out their MySpace address to get as many friends as possible, the people all look alike and claim to be 'anti-social' and 'hate everyone'. The girls are usually clones of each other and the boys pretend to be bisexual yet won't do more than kiss a guy because buttsecks is too messy. Most members in the group range from 16 to 21, live in their mom's house and starve themselves while cutting their arms and thighs with kitchen knives and exacto knives.

The Douche Without a Face

Jase leads his Lightning League to victory over the ever-changing forms of Sawboss

The leader of Perfection Dolls is a giant pink sock. His name is Jase, age 25 and from the UK. He always wears a cover over his face and a patch with an X over his eye. His hair is photoshopped red in the two photos he has up of himself. According to his Doctor he has a genetic disease that runs in his family causing all of his teeth to blacken and rot out. He also suffers from the gout and has a bad case of the clap from fucking all the goats in town. He lives off of his mom who is the town whore. His dad took off shortly after his birth, he later committed suicide because he could not forgive himself for having such a pathetic and ugly son.

Individuality and PD

Posers. Non-unique. Every one of them look the same and appear to be humanized version of the popular Bratz dolls. They all have emo hair and heads way too big for their tiny little bodies. Emo children. Attention seekers. Camera whores. Perfection Dolls are a perfection beauty group that bases everything on your looks and not your intelligence.

Looking for some lulz? Check out their MySpace page. If you have an eating disorder you may want to hit the join button because you'll fit right in. If not, laugh and move on.

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