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This article contains SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS.
You can help by minimizing the life-ruining effects.
A Ph33rfan showing off his knowledge about the human anatomy

Ph33rForums are where all the crazed fans of DigitalQu33r flock to in an attempt to find out when the latest episode of Ph33r's awesome Machinima productions will be released to their prepubescent, whiny little hands. It is very well known for housing internet idiocy that could make even /b/ newfags become an hero. The site was conceived Last Thursday by DigitalPh33r after seeing his Blogspot overrun by inane comments and death threats by his troubled fans, thinking that shifting to a forum would solve all the problems of the internet. However he was sorely mistaken, and the forum was flooded with newfags, and the situation went from bad to worse. However, Ph33rForums is home to many intelligent and awesome people who will frequently do it for the lulz.

The forum community

Game nights

DueLearner showing his organization skills.

The DigitalPh33r community is well known to be a close-knit and sometimes questionable one, but despite all odds they have managed to pull off some feats of accomplishment. For example, a weekly Community Game Night takes place in which all of Ph33r's fans face off in Gaylo 3 matches to prove their victory over one-another. It is a well known fact to everyone, even those who haven't even played them before that the Ph33r CGN matches are made of AIDS and fail and should be avoided at all possible costs.

How to win (and fail) at Ph33rForums

The facial expression of a typical poster on Ph33rForums
If you rage on Ph33rForums, expect this.
Stamp of approval marking forum topic is epic win.
Serious Bidness

Because of the fleeting levels of nerd rage that surmount within some members of the forum, it is a well known fact that Ph33rforums is comprised only of rage hungry idiots who angrily pound their fists at the keyboard then proceed to steal cars and beat up old people. The few more sensible members at the forums will proceed to flame and burn these users as they slowly back away from the resulting cesspool of nerd rage and will almost always be PERMAB&.

Looking at these two sides of the field, the ones who proceed to flame those have raged seem to be given priority, not the other way around. Unlike most places on the internets, Ph33rForums is known to look down upon excess flaming or trolling, and one day of clever jokery will land you in hot water from the forum regulars and probably with a sharp banhammer shoved up your cervical tubes in an effort to get rid of anything unfunny.

A comprehensive guide:

1. Hate DigitalPh33r

2. Bitch and complain until your keyboard breaks in half

3. Be flamed and burned

4. Hax the forum leading to mass confusion

5. Repeat step 5

6. ????

7. PROFIT!!!!!

And remember everyone, the more you swear, the edgier and funnier you'll be!

No you betch. Heh. Kate rulez FTM droolz.

The Random Section

When you see it, you'll shit bricks.
One of the more epic of wins achieved.

The random section of Ph33rForums, also known as /DP/ or Diet /b/ is one of the ultimate cesspools of win and justice on the internet. Several epic wins have taken place there, many of them achieved for great justice and future viewing. Occasionally however, the dark side of the internets can show through here and drama will ensue leading to haetred on the forums and potential ban.

A large controversy occurred last Thursday when some forum members got fed up with the excessive meme references made on the forums. They declared that internet memes are SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS, and moved to have several respectable members B& because of it. However, after an agreement was reached, peace occurred on the forums as an unusual twist of fate.

It's getting excessive, honestly, it was funny for about 5 minutes, then you \b\tards had to carry on and on posting all night with yuor random images of pure bullshit. It's not funny, It won't be anymore it has just aggrivated most of the forum goers, beacuse we cannot make a topic without it being spammed to living shit with complete and utter nonsence.

Please, I and many behind me, beg you, Stop with your fucking lame 4chan memes, keep them at 4chan, or whichever chan you frequent. Keep that shit out of here.


—Koala, declaring haet on internet memes being used on our innocent little forum.

Epic Wins

Epic Fails

Some of us are not quite there yet.

The Death of Ph33rforums

At least 100 years ago, Jon BAAAAAAAAW'D over all of the people harassing him and asking him asl. So he asked the admin to shut down the forums.

Before it shut down however, the admin informed the users that he was making another forum that was exactly the same as the old one but with references to Mr. Ph33r removed.

Much ado about Nothing

When your fanbase is comprised entirely of 13-year-olds, you're guaranteed to be on the receiving end of butthurt and BAAAAWS. Digitalph33r is no exception, and ever since he disabled comments on his blogspot, the whiny brats have made Ph33rforums their official Myspace for whining about how Jon ruined their lives.

These comments manifest themselves in two forms: the illiterate moron, or, occasionally, some supposed TROO MASHEENAMA ARTEEST will pop out of the woodwork and say what everyone's already known since last thursday; namely, that Digitalph33r is a talentless hack. Um...No shit?


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