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James Varga himself.

DERP is a group of skiddie faggots (or hackers, because the media is ignorant) that are friends with Phantom Lord (Powerword: James Varga). He supports himself by livestreaming from the comfort of his basement which means he doesn't get out often. Noticing their comrade was getting a little pale, DERP decided to encourage PhantomL0rd to enjoy some fresh air for a change.

I felt like I was being held hostage. Every game I tried to play was taken down.



Dota 2

That night, it was the other war around.

On December 30th, PhantomL0rd was earning a paycheck by playing Quake Live as fans watched online. His game was interrupted when DERP launched a DDoS attack using a botnet paid for by their parent's credit cards, crashing the game's server. On Twitter the skiddies taunted James who decided to test their skills by playing a different game. In the middle of a Dota 2 match, DERP told Phantom Lord that if he lost, which he did, they would crash the game's server, and they did. At this point most people would take a hint, but James had 140,000 people watching him on Twitch, and he didn't want to disappoint them. What he didn't know, was that 77% of those viewers was nothing more than DERP's rented botnet.

Pizza deliveries and hostages

Nice hair and braces, 9/10 would SWAT again.

It wasn't difficult for DERP to know PhantomL0rd's every move since he was still livestreaming, the skiddies announced on Twitter what server was their next target before taking it offline. Even after his real life information was posted and several pizza delivery guys showed up at his front door, James still didn't take a hint. Twitch was aware of the situation but didn't intervene by shutting down the stream on James' behalf, possibly because they didn't want to lose advertising dollars from those 140,000 viewers, piss off DERP or miss out on the following comedy gold. Phantom Lord then proved he lacked any common sense when he ignored warnings from the skiddies that the authorities were on their way. Only after he noticed police cars arriving at his home, something about a possible hostage crisis, did he finally get off the damn computer and worry about his safety. He opened the door and attempted to explain the situation, but instead was greeted with a semiautomatic as his place was searched.

What can he do to me? He can destroy me. Honestly, if anyone decides they want to get you, they can. My information is out there. He released everything on the internet. How easy was that?



DERP crashed servers for League of Legends, Club Penguin, World of Warcraft, Dota 2 and World of Tanks, special thanks to Phantom Lord. League of Legends received the most loving, it's servers and forums were inaccessible for most of the day. During the chaos, the Twitch streamer asked DERP what their main objectives were, to which they replied, "For the lulz." Electronic Arts, Blizzard and Riot weren't laughing, but the group of prepubescent kiddies won't be losing any sleep over a handful of butthurt corporations. During an interview, James stated the he wasn't at fault, even though every server he joined got DDoS'd, and that he was never afraid, bullshit.

Out of pity his fanbois have sent him donations of up to $100 while spewing ignorance across the Internet. Justic is exploiting this incident to the fullest, soaking up the attention on his Facebook and crying like a victim during interviews. And don't worry, he remembered to take picture of the police cars at his home.

Social media


PhantomL0rd Official Response to Police Raid
PhantomL0rd Official Response to Police Raid
PhantomL0rd Stream with DerpTrolling (Part 1)
PhantomL0rd VS DerpTrolling (converstion) part 1/2


He was saying [on the Twitch chat] that he was doing these things


Every game I was playing, it was done. I couldn’t play. Dota 2 got taken down. So I was thinking this guy could be doing it.


You could clearly see how intense this gun is. I wasn't scared. I knew what was going on. I was aware of the full situation. I was ready to explain all of this. He didn’t give a fuck what I was saying.


I later found out that the threat was something like a hostage situation, that I was holding five people hostage. That's why they were that serious. I realized in the car that I have respect for the police. I’m a pussy. If shit would happen like that, no fucking way. Those people can do that. I just talk about dicks on the Internet. A huge respect came out in that car.



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