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Phish could be one of the following. <video type="youtube" id="hXXV5vIXTC0" width="200" height="200" desc="pretty chill phish track" frame="true" position="right"/>

  • Phishing; an internet scam where someone is tricked into revealing their password/s.
  • Phish; a psudeo-intellectual hippy band with a whiney ginger as a lead singer.
  • Fish; a delicious sea creature which smells like a vagina.

Actually, that is not true. Vagina smells nothing whatever like fish, unless there is something seriously wrong with it (the greenish pus is a clue). In religious and mystic iconography, the pointed oval shape is used to represent what they coyly like to call the "gate of life". They then obscure this by using other things that have that kind of shape, so they can pretend thay have this big secret that only the initiated understand. Hence, the christian "fish" sticker. Hang it vertically, for lulz. This is also why, for instance, the virgin Mary is the patron saint of fishermen.

Repeat: if someones's pussy smells like fish, then wear a franger and a wetsuit when you sex her.

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