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Phoebe Connop was a typical 16 year old girl and aspiring gymnast who became an hero over fears she was about to be called a racist on July 7, 2016. A resident of Birmingham, England she was depressed over her inability to get any hot lovin' from her white or Asian boyfriends. She was also depressed over the recent Brexit vote. She was possibly also depressed by the fact that at 16 years old she was practically a GILF to her Asian boy friend and no long desirable for either rape or pimping out.

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Strangely self aware social media post. Always with the resting bitch face.
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Graphic from Fox news locates Birmingham for geographically ignorant Americans.

Overview of the situation.

An Informative Commentary.

Undead Patriot is MAD!!!

Political Correctness Kills.

The Awful Racist Photo that Caused her to An Hero

Picture SO SHOCKING that only Encyclopedia Dramatica will show it!!!
High tech analysis by CS III graduates at the ED Haxor Institute indicate that the above image may be photoshopped.
She had darkened her skin and shown herself in stereotypical Muslim dress
In an attempt to make herself more acceptable to her Asian boyfriend.

The photo was sent out privately to a few friends as a joke. Shortly after Phoebe developed a case of trolls remorse and asked her friends to delete everything. Her friends threatened to narc her to the SJWs and make her seem all racist. Unable to delete everything she decided to delete herself instead for great justice.


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