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What you will never get by dialing a 1-9000 number.
You'd be lucky to get him instead of Bubba

Phone Sex is early form of virtual stimulation in which a faggot calls Bubba in search of a sexual conversation. While Bubba may pretend to be a hot chick, it's always Bubba and the man calling knows it's Bubba, so the man is a faggot no matter how many wives or kids he's had. To bad its the only sex you will ever have you fag.

Early History

Phone sex dates back to the very invention of the telephone. When Alexander Graham Bell sent his first vocal message across his new invention to his assistant Watson, it has often been recorded as "Come here, Watson, I want you," while in fact he said "Come here, Watson, I want your sweet ass for some hot buttsecks." Though Watson has been replaced by Bubba, the basic premise remains the same to this day. It is theorized that Bell's invention was the first Fag enabler.

Phone Sex and Your Mom

Like all great inventions, your mom used it to fuck as many guys as possible, but now she could do it from the comfort of her own home. Saving herself for more lucrative ventures.

Demise of Phone Sex

Phone sex is limited by the inability of others to answer their fucking phones. One day, closeted homosexual Steve Jobs needed to get off, but had no way to reach Al Gore via phone and instead had to settle for Bill Gates. Upset by the inability to talk dirty to his lover, Jobs and Gore knocked boots and combined their wits decided to come up with a way to find like-minded homosexuals like themselves at any hour of the day and night and invented the internets, destroying phone sex as a viable money making scheme sexual encounter procurer. LOL Sexting is SOOOOOOOO in now.

Known Phone Sex Customers

How it's done on TOW.
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