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Typical Flickr user

Image hosting sites are the unholy spawn of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook who made hotlinking a crime at least 100 years ago. All are free and as such you get what you pay for. When you've maxed-out your free allocation, you can pay a premium for more...or you can sign up at all the sites and never pay shit.

Image hosting sites come in three main flavours: shit (Photobucket), shittier (ImageShack) and arty shit (Flickr). All provide the basic service of allowing you to upload your n00dz and letting /b/tards get a look-see since all are about as secure and air-tight as Lisa Ventura's hymen.


Flickr is much like Photobucket or ImageShack except way more pretentious. It is designed primarily to help 16-year-old girls share photos of their self-mutilation and also the nice tree they have in their backyard. And maybe a kitty. Awww.

If you are permitted to create a Flickr account, then you are probably the best photographer ever and deserve lots of warm fuzzies in the form of "Best Dish Drain Photo of the Hour" awards posted on the photo's comment thread. Wealthy and powerful people may even have "Flickr Pro" accounts, which enable them to post as many self-mutilation shots as they can take.

Any photos of a Flickr user posted on Flickr will exhibit severe symptoms of Internet Disease. Photos of other people will be in black and white and focus on their mascara running.

It is a popular place for pedos and other sick fucks to hang out, as they can favourite and browse family photos of 13 year old boys, jailbait and loli then proceed to fap like crazy.

It used to be a decent image-hosting site. But of course since Yahoo took it over, like many things Yahoo has laid its hands on, has turned to utter shit.


Photobucket is a website that serves as the single largest repository of pictures and graphics for the MySpace pages of attention whores, strippers and pr0nstars everywhere along with their legion of horny fans saying "thanks for the add" or "popping by to show some luv". If Photobucket were to explode, the world would be covered in hearts, stars and glitter. It is also giant bucket of lulz due to the easy access it gives the 1337 h4x0r5 on the likes of /b/ trolling for camwhore drama (see: Angela Sazanow‎, Tiffani Perez).

Also useful for storing CP hilarious image macros, since bandwidth is plentiful and storage space is generous. It also has many nifty features like slide-shows that help crash your browser if you're unlucky enough to get MySpacerolld.

Recently last Thursday, photobucket has started to baleet anything that is porn, related to pron, shows tits or anything along those lines, anti-semitic, racially offensive, anything that might offend another political or social party and many more bullshit. They also bar the posting of Pedobear which is already shitty in it's own right. If you want to keep the moralfags from ruining your fun simply click account settings and set your album to private.


Even if a Photobucket account is locked, the individual links to each photo will still work perfectly. If only someone had a program that could take advantage of this by, say, running an automatic number crunch on all common files names (like DSC00001, or IMG_0001, or Photo0001, etc.) and then dumping them into a folder.

Let's say someone takes a photo of themself, and you accidentally right-click Properties and notice that her Photobucket is "xxx". OHNOES! It's locked! Wat do?

  1. Download simple iteration program
  2. Type in details (in this case xxx)
  3. Make yourself a cup of tea.
  4.  ?????
  5. Profit!

Now you just pick one at random and post it. If she ignores it, the lulz die here and you should move on. However, if she asks you to stop, then you must keep going. It's traditional.


ImageShack is a much shittier image host, as evidenced by its users always exceeding their allotted bandwidth and getting the lulzy placeholder image with a frog on it. It was also hacked recently by the "Anti-Sec Movement", a group of concerned citizens who believe "no news is good news" to the extreme. Their plan is to "own everyone and everything". More on that can be found here.

In 2014, ImageShack sold out and adopted a paid subscription model. For a year, the images of old, non-paying users didn't have to worry about losing their images, but in August 2015, they decided to delete fucking everything and replaced old images with ads.


Imgur is like Reddit minus angsty atheists and le rage comics. It is currently the only decent free image host, and provides a simple way for you to upload all your gay porns without having to worry about bandwidth limits. Unlike other image hosts that are full of faggotry, Imgur is as simple as:

  1. Push butan
  2. Select image
  3. Push upload.

Imgur is home to every leftard, Basement-dweller and sperglord from Reddit. They are also huge fanboys to any show that NBC will shit out of their corporate ass and will constantly defend Game of Thrones to those who don't like to see Peter Dinklage's baby dick in their face. They are also oblivious to the fact that all images and caption submitted, are there for Reddit users and not them.


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