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Pic Unrelated

From Encyclopedia Dramatica

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It's almost always unrelated, I mean, what topic can you derive from this?Exotic interspecies bedboxing

Pic unrelated is a meme started by /r/tards who wanted to request something on /r/ but were too fucking lazy to dig up a single example, therefore making it worse for themselves, since an example would help more anons -who don't know much about the subject- to chip in. In the beginning, they simply uploaded a totally random picture, while adding "pic unrelated" as text next to it. Since then, different pictures have been created with "pic unrelated" captions, some of them highly surrealistic. /b/tards copied them of course, and used them as a means of starting obnoxious discussions on /b/, because who browses the text boards anyway? And let us not forget the -predictable- variations of the meme, such as "pic semi-related" or "pic definitely related".

Clever Subversions

A nasty side effect of having an unrelated picture, Dashing young rogues looking to make a name for themselves may ignore the text of the post altogether and focus on the awesome pic the OP just posted.

I mean. Look at that lady. Uppercutting cats and doesn't afraid of anything. What the fuck! :awesome:


Breaking the limits of Pic Unrelated

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