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Current Age: 31
.... LOL

Pikabellechu is a tartlet, furfag, otakukin, and cosplayfuck all-star all rolled into one. Upon viewing her DeviantART page one will realize that she is a twisted Pokemon otaku and was born solely to provide lulz for her viewers at her own expense.

Her Gallery

An inaccurate illustration of Pikabellechu and her boyfriend in traditional furry wedding attire.

While her DeviantART page does not have journals to provide any further lulz (you can just read Her LJ Page anyways), her gallery displays a lulzy blend of shitty furry art and photos of her and her boyfriend in cosplay as a wide variety of characters. Your childhood shall not remained unraped as you look over her gallery and see all the Pokemon, Disney, and Nintendo characters Pikabellechu has cosplayed as.

Beware: viewing her gallery will cause blindness (with a chance of lulz).

RL Pikabellechu

Her face and "artwork" are so ugly the combination of the two could kill cancer. She enjoys making her boyfriend dress up as gay cosplay characters so she can fuck him in the ass when he least expects it. She's spent over 9000 dollars creating her shitty costumes, to wear them once, brag, and make a new one. When she isn't pretending to be her retarded pokemon persona, she's pretending to be Xena, Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) or some other queer shit. For those parents who would rape their children's future, Pikabellechu is availabe to perform at birthday parties. She is so retarded she's collected over 8,000 pikachu collectibles and bought one of the official Pokemon Pikachu Cars. She named it PikaBug. She goes to over 9,000 Conventions acting like she's some the superstar guest; but in reality, nobody knows who the fuck she is. Perfect time to do some IRL trolling.

She came out of hiding!
Ugliest couple of the century.
She likes Naruto too.

Evidence of her faggotry

She posted this:

Ok I'm glad you all love my Pikachu Collection...You know I think it is utterly disturbing how none of you know me or anything and like to judge people just cause what they do or collect, No wonder why this world is going to hell and People are Killing each other..I can see why...This is utter BS, do you see me commenting on LJ's about what people think or feel..or posting it all over the net so people can mock you...You may think Pikachu is just a animated character but to me its not just that..I do alot of promotional work for Pokemon and as part of my job I go to schools, daycares, hospitals and so on to bring joy to kids who think that this animated character is real...Damn I hate Barney and Wiggles and shit like that but I do not Diss people who think it may be retarded stupid immature or whatnot...I happen to like Pikachu and through a period of 9 years have collected all of this because I am proud what I do..Damn I hate for you all to see my Beauty and the Beast collection then, Its more then my pikachu one...But thats besides the point..and you think what I do is weird have you ever stopped and seen the world out there, believe me there are people who collect a hell of alot more then me, and hey do you see me diss them and mock them for what they like...We only live once in this world and its a shame people have to be the way they are...


—Pikabellechu, KeithDevens.com

In a tl;dr response to a comment about Pikachu being heroin. Like all lulzy 'artistic' internetz fags, she is very misunderstood.

Unwarranted Self-Importance?

She is likely to suffer from unwarranted self-importance.You'd think that because she helps society by attending birthday parties and convincing kids that Pikachu is real, she's humbler than your underage Mary-Sue. NOPE. If you look at her DeviantART page, it flatly states that her favorite artist is herself. And since the brain starts losing brain cells steadily after 30 years old, it is highly unlikely that she will ever be able to return from zippity fucking doo dah land. And still, she feels helpful. Yeah right.

Oh Shit

IT'S 100% OFFICIAL I AM IN THE GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS DATABASE!!!!!!!I have been waiting for this email for months now since April when I sent in everything. Just got the email like 5 minutes ago and they are sending me my certificate and it's not 100% but they are considereing me to also be in the Book in 2009..They only select a few who made it this far and have been accepted so I'm crossing my fingers that I will also be featured in the book itself which I'm pretty sure I will be cause they really loved all the photo's I sent and it's not just my collection that makes it world known but also my love and dedication to Pokemon by all the costumes I have made and events world wide I have done in Pokemon's name.....I am so freaking excited and it's taken me months to get this far, Just counting every single item over a course of three months was so much work and all the paperwork and legal things you had to do.....But OMG it's been so worth it to now officialy say I am the world's record holder for having the biggest Pokemon collection in the world.....


Hahaha, oh wow! Really?


On September 20th,At the AWA anime convention, PikaBelleChu was proposed to by her just as creepy boyfriend, Dr. Anime. After cheating in her own game to win the grand prize, her boyfriend pulled out one of those Burger King Pokeballs (you know, the ones that those little kids could suffocate on) and popped out a ring to propose. PikaBelleChu, being as pathetic as she is, said yes. A thousand furry banshee screams were let out and deafened, blinded, or killed anyone sane. Let's all hope they're sterile.

Are you fucking serious Gallery

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