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A liberal sock puppet used this image to best describe all of our feelings.

With the writing and reasoning style of a pre-menstrual girl, Lj-favicon.png Pirat_ponton was by far the most important member of liberal, before an evil conservative Zionist conspiracy got his ass banned.

Does it post in the woods?

If a day goes by without Pirat Ponton making an appearance then it is a sore day indeed, for he holds the secret to universal peace. Each comment of his is highly sophisticated commentary on the state of liberalism in the United States. While the mundanes may not understand his tongue-in-cheek witticisms, and may challenge him, they will always be bested in a battle of wits. He is the master of distracting opponents with terribly formatted HTML.

Not a man to be underestimated, or ignored.

NO U are wrong

Woe betide the man or woman who makes inaccurate comments, for he will inevitably link back to a previous conversation - be it the day before, or two weeks earlier - in which he bested them in order to shame them.

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