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Pisoga (or "Piss Old Guy" as it is lovingly called by members)

A prime example of the beautiful artwork seen all over the forum.

is a shitty-ass site established a few years back. It is home to many pedophiles and otaku. It was created by some Vietnamese guy who assumes the nickname "Hunter" (presumably after his favorite shitty anime) who can't speak English to save his fucking life. The members still kiss his ass anyway because they don't want to be banned off of the site's chat, which is the real reason anybody goes to the site anyway.

Violating copyright laws is kewl! If you do it, Russian communists (or Hunter) will come to your house and party with you!

The site is host to a catalog of shitty, low-quality, pirated videos of anime and television shows. Hunter steals them from other sites, like Veo, which are super shitty and crappy to begin with, and he makes them worse with his shitty uploading feature. He should get arrested, just like that British guy who got arrested for hoarding tons of television show videos so we don't have to deal with this shit.


There is no media, really, just some stupid lulzy videos made by Mistress Kittie. She really loves to show off her super cool video-making skillz.

External Links

PLEASE, feel free to FLAME the Pisoga chatboxes, which may be found at http://www.pisogaforum.com, http://pisoga.chatango.com/, and http://www.pisogashinbun.bravehost.com/. You are also encouraged to introduce them to Goatse, pictures off the Offended and Pain Series articles, http://www.thatsnotsexy.com, and Lemonparty.


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