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Someone please give this guy some pity sex

Have you had sex? Are you on Encyclopædia Dramatica? If the answers to both these questions is yes, the chances are you know what pity sex is first hand; either that or pegging.

People sometimes consider pity sex as being serious business, with cries of "How on gods green earth can feeling sorry for someone make you want to stick their ugly assed penis inside of your various orifices?" In the unlikely event that didn't get through to you, "Do you feel that bad for another human being that you would let their wretched bodily fluid leak all over you?"

Pity sex usually occurs with extremely fat or short people. Even then the person giving the pity sex is extremely shitfaced.

A good wife will have pity sex with her husband twice a year, sometimes even 3 times.

Klara Wagner has pity sex with anyone.

Bill Clinton also has pity sex with anyone.

The only sex Short men will ever have, is pity sex.

If you are interested in having some pity sex, please contact [email protected] like everybody else.

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