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This is serious shit and has been known to cause drama and IRL Ban Hammers. Actually doing this might get you v&. The information on page is provided for educational purposes only.
Spam Pizza: You didn't order it! One of Anon's many tools.
Anonymous Delivers

Pizza Bombing (or any other fast food for that matter) is a lulzy way of causing grief for anyone you don't liek, all from the comfort of your Mom's basement. Pizza bombing consists of sending copious amounts of pizza or fast food to a target. The food is delivered to the target's place of residence or business where they will have to deal with a deliver order of 4 large Pepperoni's and a side of Coke and garlic bread.

Ordering by phone

See Prank Call for tips on how to stay anonymous and not get angry pizza companies coming after you. Some have even convinced pizza companies to write "/b/" with the toppings and open the door screaming "POOLS CLOSED!" as was the case with WitnessX, who's mom thought it was poisoned and called the cops, for epic win. Too bad it was the wrong target.

Ordering over the Internet

Potentially the lulziest method, also the easiest for all you lazy fgts out there.


  • Papa Johns - a very good site
  • Dominos - some people have reported this site forces Flash that bypasses proxies. Just install NoScript on Firefox and have Javascript on but flash blocked and it will not do this
  • Pizza Hut - this site was designed by evil people purely to be sadistic.
  • Each page requires 100 megabytes to load (and you'll be squeezing that through Tor).
  • Their page is nothing but shitty HTML and broken Javascript links.
  • Trying to order means fighting with their website literally for hours as their Javascript won't let you order anything (e.g. "Order this pizza" button just does nothing)
  • Their popups that are uncloseable will block the screen as you have to click through tons of custom design options just to order a basic pizza.
By the way, be sure to register first as if you don't, you'll discover their website just won't let you finish your order or anything due to bugs so you have to clear cookies and start over.

Honeypot Technique

Unless you're actually shelling money out of your own pocket...nothing mentioned in this article will actually all. Pizza Bombing in actuality is a reverse trolling method designed to get people's dox. How it works is simple. A wannabe troll calls up a pizza joint and says they want a pizza ordered and sent to some specific address and phone number, claiming to be their intended target. The pizza joint will immediately notice that the caller ID does NOT match the intended target's phone number. The wannabe troll finishes giving the order, thinking he's just trolled the pizza joint into sending off pizzas to their victim who they imagine will magically have to pay for them. What ~actually~ happens is after the wannabe troll hangs up the pizza joint immediately calls the intended victim and asks them if they ordered a pizza. Obviously they didn't and as such the pizza never gets made and never gets delivered. The trick of it is though, nearly every pizza joint on the planet keeps detailed caller ID records and the intended victim can ask the pizza joint for the wannabe troll's phone number, which they will ALWAYS give you. As such, you just scored the phone number of the wannabe troll and can quickly track down all the rest of his dox with it. The success rate of this technique is extremely high as most wannabe trolls have an ASSumed sense of anonymity and often believe that they can't be caught or traced at all, very often directly calling from their own home phone.

TL;DR - Pizza Bombing TOTALLY works! Try it out today! LULZ

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