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Planned Parenthood was punked on January 13, 2011. A man posing as a pimp, and a girl posing as an underage prostitute (who have neither a need nor a right to contraceptive services, because fuck them, right?), went to a Planned Parenthood clinic in New Jersey where the counselor told them to lie about their age as well as give them advice on running their business. After realizing that this sort of thing had been happening for five days in 12 different clinics, Planned Parenthood figured that they had better do some damage control. This backpedaling included calling the FBI so that some sort of investigation could be undertaken, but as the whole controversy sits, the damage is done. Further attempts to contain the disaster also included firing the fat slob in the video and then trying to cry about their woes in the press.

Planned Parenthood said it had promptly notified law enforcement authorities after the visit, but it also announced late Tuesday that it had fired the clinic employee for violating some of the organization's policies.


—Source Washington Examiner.


While it remains to be seen whether the infiltration and video-taped crucifixion is legal or not, one thing is certain: the tresspassey, rapey, convicted criminal who punked out Acorn last year remains free (read: on parole). That's gangsta. There is literally fuck-all the FBI can do here other than try to act official. Additionally, Live Action is sending full footage to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, NJ Attorney General Paula Dow, officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and other law enforcement officials, to head off any potential "sex trafficking" charges that might be misconstrued from the source material.

The folks at Planned Parenthood, however, did break the law. Of course if that were to ever get out, federal funding would be cut, so it was quickly realized that the wag the dog spin machine had to be dragged out of its closet and fired up. lol jk. Planned Parenthood have zero responsibility to call out any pimps and panderers that make their way through the front door. They're not the cops. Planned Parenthood exists to provide abortions to women of all ages, races, and nationalities, which can, may, and occasionally does include delicious loli. This gay little sting operation proves nothing except that Planned Parenthood does their job well, however distasteful you might find it.

Yeah, just kind of play along that they're students — we want to make it look as legit as possible


—Unidentified PP caseworker who was later fired.

But if they were just playing along, why was the fatty in the video let go?

Responding to the video release, Planned Parenthood issued a statement detailing its efforts to notify state and federal authorities after the recent clinic visits. It said the FBI had been collecting evidence from Planned Parenthood employees and clinics, and reviewing photos of at least one of the persons claiming to be a trafficker.


—And they plan on doing what with all that info?

Yeah, she got fired. Which is basically a good thing. But it begs raises the question, how exactly was she supposed to act when a prostitute and a pimp came in looking for abortion services? Killing babies is her job. Prostitots need abortions.

But is this video real or fake?

Check it yourself. While the originally released video (at the top of this page) has been edited, Live Action has dozens of other videos exposing Planned Parenthood. Also, the source material for the edited version is available on the Live Action YouTube page.

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