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What years of Psn will do to you!

Playstation Network is Sony's version of Xbox Live. It's a way for teenage Playstation owners to communicate with other basement-dwelling virgins. Its main claim to fame is completely going down twice, not unlike your mom. It came out a full 4 years after Xbox Live, and yet somehow is still so shitty it makes Xbox Live look good. Would probably have never been made at all if Microsoft hadn't done it first.

PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store is Sony's way of making money. Most of what's available on the Playstation Store consists of:

Sony's greatest profit comes from the old PS1 games, which Sony bills as a way to "Get in touch with the old memories" (for which read "Pay full price for a game you could pick up for $2 off of eBay").

Playstation Home

Playstation Home is a virtual world in which:

...go to have cybersex with each other because they are too afraid to do it IRL. Be aware that if it looks like a beautiful girl, it probably isn't.

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