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Confusion is common among plebs when exposed to patriciandom (note: Plebs aren't for, nor are they, plebs)

"'Pleb" or "Plebeian" is a term used to signify a person with no taste whatsoever in various forms of online or offline culture. it is often tossed around on forums and *chans, in particular, 4chan's /mu/, /co/, and /v/ boards.

While the context of the term may at first lead people to believe that it just applies to NORPS, it in fact does not.

The oppisite of a Pleb is a "Patrician."


The current popular internet usage of the term has most likely been influenced by its usage on 4chan. However its origin dates back to Ancient times in Rome when the Man used to keep people down by using class warfare via census.[1]

Things Plebs Don't Appreciate For Pleb-ish Reasons


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