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Lj-favicon.png poko_ono: Jameth loves black pussy.

Poko Ono is a companion to Jameth and to Porsche. Poko is very afraid of the big, bad Lj-favicon.png pokoeater.

In the month of March, Poko suffered from a close brush with death due to severe dental problems. The cat wasn't able to eat and began losing weight rapidly, quickly shrinking in size from Xbox hueg to merely mammoth. The surgery required to save him cost approximately $1200, so Jameth, desperate, turned to the Internet for help. Within ONE DAY, his army of e-friends managed to raise about $1,600 via Paypal.

Jameth, surprised and overwhelmed by this stunning display of e-kindness, immediately squandered the cash on hookers and blow.

Poko's continued existence has also been threatend by the Lj-favicon.png poko_fister and the Lj-favicon.png poko_restaurant.

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