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The poko_fister in action!

A hardvice troll account.

From April 10 to April 25, 2005, hardvice had to use Lj-favicon.png poko_fister as his main account while his DMCA counternotification was pending against Lj-favicon.png twinklinlilstar, Owen Ray Pugface's mother. Months after the original Lj-favicon.png nouglybabies drama, hardvice posted the photoshop of Owen and ohbutyouwillpet in a comment thread to an unrelated post. Little Owen's overzealous mama somehow found out and filed a DMCA complaint.

Hardvice filed a counternotification and asked LJ Abuse to suspend his account for fourteen days while the complaint was pending rather than delete the comment. Twinklinlilstar's pals and sock puppets showed up in Poko_fister's journal to stir up some drama, but succeeded only in revealing Twinklinlilstar's long-forgotten identity—at which point she deleted all visible content from her jernal.

On April 25, when Twinklinlilstar had failed to file suit within the period prescribed by the DMCA, LJ Abuse restored Hardvice's jernal and granted him permission to use the image to his heart's content. He promptly made it his default user picture until a shinier object came along.

Pokofister's LJ icon makes Lj-favicon.png theorangecat wet

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