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Polandball is a meme forged from the ashes from the 3rd war of men by a bunch of Engrish speaking ├╝bermenschen on /int/. It has spread to 4chan, and it's without a doubt newfags and retards will think it originated on 4chan's /int/. Polandball is what happens when /b/tards can't even be bothered with an MS Paint Thread past using the "Draw Circle" tool - and usually not even that.

The original idea of Polandball was to ridicule the massive national butthurt of the Polish, which they tend to spread all over the internet, but was especially virulent on Krautchan's /int/. After Polandball became a successful meme, the moderators replaced the flags indicating the nationality of the posters on /int/ by flagballs (except for Kazakhstan, Israel and Singapore Tringapore, they get a brick, a hyper cube and a triangle). As a series, Polandball combines history, geography, Engrish, and an inferiority complex.

The images often address Polandball's tragic inability to into space, prompting a great deal of sadness on the plucky sphere's part.

Polandball gallery About missing Pics

A somewhat lulzy sub-meme is Plutoball, which is mainly about how Pluto cannot into planethood.

Plutoball gallery About missing Pics

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